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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Theodore Annemann The New Nightmare Effect selected card vanishes and turns out to be card previously removed
Variations 1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 7) 27
Karl Germain The Flash Card Change in glass while covored with handkerchief
Related toVariations 1945/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 116
Harvey P. Graham Idea for Cards Across with torn card
Related toVariations 1947 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 121) 488
Darwin Ortiz The Psychotronic Card combo
Variations 1995 Cardshark 14
Barrie Richardson Any Card at Any Number faced deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Winter 1990
1999 Theater of the Mind 257
David Ben Everybody's Card, III
Inspired byVariations 2003 Tricks 128
Roberto Mansilla Platos en una alcantarilla - Parte I on the importance of words in connection with images
2010 El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 12) 318
Roberto Mansilla Sobre la Magia Ficcional on Gabi Parera's concept of Fictional Magic
  • A) Una cuestión de énfasis
  • B) Dualidad Verdad-Mentira
  • C) Mayor expresividad
  • D) Etc...etc...etc...
Related to 2011 El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 15) 444
Roberto Mansilla Amaneciendo divination of thought of cards, each spectator selects one among a group
2011 El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 18) 540
Roberto Mansilla Rene Lavand: The Image of an Artist
2015 Quarterly (Issue 1 (Winter 2015)) 35
Roberto Mansilla Fictional Magic Gabi Pareras' theory
  • "Realistic" Magic
  • Fictional Magic
  • A Revision
  • About the Trick
  • Lies vs Fiction
  • Proof vs Evidence
  • Greater Expressiveness
  • The Endless Game
Related to 2015 Quarterly (Issue 2 (Spring 2015)) 5
Roberto Mansilla In Praise of Artifice more on "Fictional Magic", Gabi Pareras and René Lavand
Related to 2016 Quarterly (Issue 4 (Summer 2016)) 13
Roberto Mansilla Agradecimientos
2017 Naypes 11
Roberto Mansilla Introducción
2017 Naypes 19
Roberto Mansilla Eureka! deck divided and packets shuffled, with three variations
Inspired by 2017 Naypes 23
Roberto Mansilla Invertir la baraja turnover of faced deck, with subtlety
2017 Naypes 30
Roberto Mansilla, Adrian Guerra Pocket Index
2017 Naypes 33
Roberto Mansilla Outstanding stand up OOTW, cards placed in front of reversed glasses
2017 Naypes 35
Roberto Mansilla La Carta al Sobre
2017 Naypes 45
Roberto Mansilla Dos y Medrio two and a half card travel from one packet to another, with handkerchief
Inspired by 2017 Naypes 69
Roberto Mansilla La Carta General treatise on the General Card plot, bibliography
2017 Naypes 81
Roberto Mansilla La Carta de Todos joker changes into three selections
Inspired by 2017 Naypes 99
Roberto Mansilla Thanks to Diaconis
Inspired by
  • Lance Pierce's "Elements - The Lecture, The Book"
2017 Naypes 111
Roberto Mansilla Top Change of multiple cards three with four cards
2017 Naypes 116
Roberto Mansilla ¿Cómo luce el olvido? selections turn blank and face appear on blank cards in glass, covered with handkerchief
2017 Naypes 125
Roberto Mansilla Sobre Karl Germain y el principio de la copa on The Flash Card Change by Karl Germain
Related to 2017 Naypes 137
Roberto Mansilla Appearing Cards deck in glass, two selection appear on top of deck, with handkerchief
2017 Naypes 138
Roberto Mansilla Hi Germain deck in glass with joker on top, two selections appear in front of joker, one by one, with handkerchief
2017 Naypes 147
Roberto Mansilla Amaneciendo several spectator get several cards and remember one, divination of all selections
2017 Naypes 155
Roberto Mansilla Sobre la Cartomagia de Salón on card magic in a parlour / stand up setting
2017 Naypes 163
Ignacio López La Carta en el Pañuelo - El Juego Que lo Haría a Roberto Mansilla a handkerchief, glass and deck appear, then selection appears on handkerchief
Also published here 2018 Sobre Magia de Salón 61
Ignacio López The Card in the Silk a handkerchief, glass and deck appear, then selection appears on handkerchief
Also published here 2019 On Parlour Magic 33
Roberto Mansilla Introducción
2019 Çerca 15
Roberto Mansilla Up the Sleeve card in performer's sleeve transposes with card on table, then one card is held by spectator and while shaking his hand, cards transpose
2019 Çerca 21
Roberto Mansilla Mago vs. Jugador Puertorriqueño four of a kind is produced, then cards change to another four of a king
2019 Çerca 31
Roberto Mansilla Matching the Cards transformation to other four of a kind
2019 Çerca 43
Roberto Mansilla Bolas de Esponja thorough spongeball routine, two balls with different color appear from purse frame, travel from hand to hand and vanish back in frame
  • Aparición de dos bolas
  • Ten Count
  • Sin la Cuenta
  • Interceptada
  • En la Mano del Espectador
  • A Guardar, A Guardar
2019 Çerca 53
Roberto Mansilla, Roberto Giobbi, Jim Cellini Spongeball Production from Purse Frame
2019 Çerca 59
Roberto Mansilla Las Navajas color changing knife routine, transposition under handkerchief, in spectator's hands, dual reality suggestion routine and shrinking knife
2019 Çerca 75
Roberto Mansilla Cambio Sincero color changing knife move
2019 Çerca 88
Roberto Mansilla Anexo - René Lavand y Sus Navajas on René Lavand's color changing knife routine
2019 Çerca 114
Roberto Mansilla Volver al Presente card at named number is signed, vanishes among odd-backed four of a kind and appears back at initial position
Inspired by 2019 Çerca 119
Roberto Mansilla Back to the World using the colors of the backs, cutting cards as markers
2019 Çerca 135
Roberto Mansilla Predicción Pesadilla selected card vanishes and turns out to be card previously removed to write prediction on its back
Inspired by 2019 Çerca 149
Roberto Mansilla Agradecimientos
2019 Çerca 157