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Roy Benson It's Magic Benson bowl routine
Related toVariationsAlso published here The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 156) 627
Tony Corinda The Powers Of Darkness Ring penetrates spectator's arm, while he has his eyes closed
Variations Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 4) 186
Bernard Bilis Never Split Coin travel from under one hand to another
Variations Close Up, French Style 18
Mike Caveney From the Publisher
French Pasteboards 1
Mike Caveney Introduction
French Pasteboards 2
Mike Caveney 3:32 two coins travel under one hand, then one coin and eventually the last coin vanishes, using "The Flick"
Inspired by Magicomedy 21
Mike Caveney, Dick Zimmerman Cents of Touch marked penny is lost and found in a bag of pennies
Magicomedy 27
Mike Caveney One in a Million stabbed prediction of two cards
Magicomedy 33
Mike Caveney Half a Light torn and restored match
Magicomedy 37
Mike Caveney, Duke Stern The Benson Plunger with a plunger, four phases, jumbo pill as klimax
Inspired by Magicomedy 46
Mike Caveney A Bloody Prediction murder story, prediction of a stabbing wound, comedy routine
Magicomedy 57
Mike Caveney Bent Spoons two spoons, one held wrapped in a napkin, the other one visibly
Magicomedy 63
Mike Caveney Thumb Tips for M.C.'s tip for M.C.'s
Magicomedy 71
Mike Caveney Comedy Load Bag fake and real chicken are produced from spectator's coat
Magicomedy 73
Mike Caveney The Homing Card Comes Home four jumbo cards turn into blank cards on by one
Magicomedy 77
Mike Caveney Tearable Times lighted candle appears from rolled up newspaper, newspaper is then torn, partially burnt and finally restored again
Magicomedy 85
Mike Caveney Club Soda deck vanish under handkerchief, bottle appears from under with selection inside
Magicomedy 95
Mike Caveney Signed Bill in Cigar
Magicomedy 103
Mike Caveney Thimble Act 1965-1971
Magicomedy 115
Mike Caveney Thimble Holders
Magicomedy 118
Mike Caveney Temporary Parking Zone
Magicomedy 119
Mike Caveney The Appearing Jumping Rising Vanishing and Reappearing Thimble
Magicomedy 121
Mike Caveney The Perpetual Pinocchio Thimble endless thimble production, with long thimble as a climax
Magicomedy 127
Mike Caveney The Thimble Bag multiple production of thimbles from a empty bottomless bag
Magicomedy 130
Mike Caveney The Giant Thimble Production
Magicomedy 140
Michael Weber, Mike Caveney, Bill Taylor The Vacuum Cleaner Illusion woman is transported from a box into a bag through the tube of a vacuum cleaner
Magicomedy 151
Mike Caveney The Substitution Barrel substitution trunk with a barrel
Magicomedy 161
Mike Caveney Foreword
Magicomedy 8
Mike Caveney Magician's Rules quoting from Richard Neve's "Tricks", 1716
Magicomedy 10
Mike Caveney Folding Money 32 pennies should travel from a purse into a tube, instead they vanish from the purse and in the tube a Dollar is found, actually too big to fit inside
Magicomedy 13
Mike Caveney Purse Switch
Magicomedy 16
Mike Caveney Ground Rules on the selection of props and the stage persona
Ideas 1
Mike Caveney, Merlin Eifert Impromptu Linking Coathangers two coathangers and gimmick
Ideas 4
Mike Caveney A Transposition red ball wrapped in red handkerchief and put in a glass transposes with blue ball in a blue handkerchief put in a second glass
Inspired by
  • a trick (?) from "Rupert Howard Course in Magic"
Ideas 6
Mike Caveney Billard Ball Switch
Ideas 6
Mike Caveney Triple Penetration nest of glasses, spectator's ring vanishes on top of the biggest reversed glass which is covered with a handkerchief and found in the smallest one
Ideas 8
Mike Caveney Bag-It objects vanish in a paper bag, concept
Ideas 12
Mike Caveney A Coin Vanish
Inspired by
  • a vanish in T. Nelson Downs' "Modern Coin Manipulation" (?)
Ideas 14
Mike Caveney Flying Deuces boomerang card transforms into jumbo card
Ideas 17
Mike Caveney The Toilet Tissue Issue five pieces of toilet paper are torn and restored
Ideas 18
Mike Caveney The Powers of Darkness Come Out of the Closet with coathangers, three phases
Inspired by Ideas 21
Mike Caveney More Powers with a rope
Inspired by Ideas 27
Mike Caveney Publisher's Note
Seabrooke's Book 9
Mike Caveney Publisher's Note
The Cervon File 11
Mike Caveney Introductory Encomia
Carneycopia vii
Mike Caveney Serious Laughter on comedy and patter
Square One 17
Mike Caveney Publisher's Note
Drawing Room Deceptions 7