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Joaquín Navajas En la Punta de los Dedos four coin production with one hand
Related toAlso published here Monedas Personales 1
Tony Cachadiña The Nudist Deck special design for gaffed deck
Lecture Notes 1
Tony Cachadiña Cigarrette without Gravity cigarette levitates in bottle
Lecture Notes 2
Tony Cachadiña The Torn Card one piece handed to spectator
Lecture Notes 3
Tony Cachadiña Card in the Purse (Prediction) folded card in purse shown in the beginning turns out to be signed selection
Lecture Notes 6
Tony Cachadiña The Sweet Coin signed coin vanishes from paper and appears in one of three sugar packets
Lecture Notes 8
Tony Cachadiña Miracle Coin Fold
Lecture Notes 9
Tony Cachadiña Alternative of the Folded Paper coin stapled in folded card
Lecture Notes 10
Tony Cachadiña Sugar Special Packet to load a coin
Lecture Notes 11
Tony Cachadiña Matrix T.C. with four coins and a jumbo chinese coin
Lecture Notes 12
Tony Cachadiña Four Coins Appear on the Table very similar to Navajas' coin production
Related to Lecture Notes 12
Tony Cachadiña Inverse Matrix
Lecture Notes 14
Tony Cachadiña The Flotting Bank-Note floating bill
Lecture Notes 18
Tony Cachadiña Silver and Copper in Purse
Lecture Notes 18
Tony Cachadiña Magic with Threads Suggestions and ideas for:
  • the thread
  • the wax
  • the thread holder
  • the security break
Lecture Notes 20
Juan Gallego Luque, Miguel Ángel Gea Toni Cachadiña Tony Cachadiña
La Magia Española del Siglo XX 211
Tony Cachadiña Plata-Cobre en la Bolsillo
La Magia Española del Siglo XX 213
Tony Cachadiña Rojas y Negras 4x4, several phases
La Magia Española del Siglo XX 214
Tony Cachadiña Elusive Riser cards are pivoted from behind the deck and taken away, selection moves away and is apparently harder to grab
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 6 11
Tony Cachadiña, Joan Font, Manolo Tena Foreword in Three Acts
  • Act One, by Toni Cachadiña
  • Act Two, by Joan Font
  • Act Three, by Manolo Tena
The Magic of Ascanio — More Studies of Card Magic 14
Tony Cachadiña Two-Coin Transposition and Vanish Tenkai Pennies followed by vanish
Secret Agenda (Issue Oct 3) 295