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Andy Nyman Introduction
2004 The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz — Volume 5 7
Tom Stone, Andy Nyman Of Dice and Men presentation for one out of six prediction, inspired by Andy Nyman's "Diceman"
2011 Maelstrom 3
Matt Marcy Name a Card card chosen from blank deck with various first names on them, spectator choses his own name
Inspired by
  • "Big Reaction" (Andy Nyman)
2013 The Magic Apple Live! 56
Andy Nyman Foreword
2017 Secrets 1
Andy Nyman, Anthony Owen Miracle Monte 2.0 blank cards with face of a Queen
Inspired by
  • Andy Nyman's "Monte" in "The Dungeon" March, 1994,
2017 Secrets 56
Andy Nyman A Special Thanks To
2020 Foreseen
Andy Nyman Hi fellow Magic Lover
2020 Foreseen 1
Andy Nyman Foreseen letter mailed to client in advances contains headline prediction from event day's newspaper, detailed description
2020 Foreseen 2
Andy Nyman The pass under switch
2020 Foreseen 19
Andy Nyman Final Thoughts
2020 Foreseen 26
Andy Nyman Love Me. I'm A God - The Prediction Predicament
2020 Foreseen 28