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Dai Vernon Spread Location step in spread
Related toVariations Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 129
Paul Curry A Swindle Of Sorts see also Bruce Bernstein's "Eat at Joe's"
Related toVariations Paul Curry Presents 7
Howard Hamburg Ring Flight ring transforms into key case with ring inside
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #4) 919
Karl Fulves, Howard Hamburg The Substitution Trunk idea with black and white people
Interlocutor (Issue 28) 110
Paul Curry A Swindle of Sorts see Bruce Bernstein's "Eat at Joe's"
Related to Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 245
Howard Hamburg Deck Vanish during 2-selection location
The "D" Notes 9
Howard Hamburg Hidden Prediction cards chosen via shuffling-dealing-procedure, total of values predicted, gilbreath
The "D" Notes 17
Howard Hamburg, Jon Armstrong, Nick Trost Perfect Poker Deal poker hand is shuffled into deck and still dealt right from the top, gilbreath
The "D" Notes 21
Howard Hamburg, Paul Curry Taste of Curry
Inspired by The "D" Notes 23
Howard Hamburg Clipped card with paper clip comes to top, clipped card transposes with another card
Related to The "D" Notes 27
Howard Hamburg Aces Galore aces are produced on table, selection appears sandwiched
The "D" Notes 31
Howard Hamburg Gilbreath Principal credit information on a conjecture by Gilbreath, probably misunderstanding
The "D" Notes 35
Howard Hamburg Introduction anecdotes with Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller
The "D" Notes 1
Howard Hamburg The Professor several anecdotes and stories
The "D" Notes 7
Howard Hamburg Ribbon Spread Angle Jog
Also published here The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 102
Howard Hamburg Ribbon Spread Angle Jog
Inspired byAlso published here The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 272
Tom Gagnon Clipped Transposition paper clipped card on table transposes with reversed card in deck, ribbon spread handling, optional double backer
Related to Gagnon Unfiltered 112
Howard Hamburg Dry Spell four Aces are placed in the deck and then spelled to, repeated, first with a Faro the with Free-Cut Principle
Variations Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 12 29
Steve Beam Spell Checker variation on Dry Spell, with additional phase
Inspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 12 30