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Fred Furman The Jumping Band Rubber band jumps from index finger to middle finger
1956 Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 91
Fred Furman The Jumping Band rubber band between two fingers, apparently penetrates one while spectator is holding the finger
Also published here
  • The Magical Bulletin, Jan. 1921
1979 Elastrix 30
Fred Furman Double Jump No. 59, Collins Jumping Rubber Band, with two bands
1981 Self-Working Table Magic 73
Bill Wisch Bill's Monte rubber band around finger, spectator must trap it by grabbing correct finger
Inspired by
  • Fred Furman (Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic, p. 510, The Magic Book, p. 45)
1988 The Chronicles (Issue 32) 1378
Fred Furman Magic Thrust Variations - B. duplicate
1994 More Greater Magic 1209