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Georg Heubeck Pavel You Say! two spectators select one of three silks, predicted, with variation by Fulves
Inspired by
  • a silk prediction (Pavel, Abra #1107)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2 No. 12) 130
Pavel The Instant Silk handkerchief appears in glass
Successful Magic 3
Pavel The Ribbon Prediction three ribbons with different colors, selected color is predicted, with a letter file
Successful Magic 5
Pavel A Rope Circle Routine three knotted rope rings become one large ring, then small rings again which are then linked
Successful Magic 7
Pavel Rainbow Balls white balls transform into different colored balls, in bag, off-beat method
Successful Magic 9
Pavel The Black Die Prediction five red and one black die, order is predicted
Successful Magic 11
Pavel The Knot Off the Rope knot is shot off with a gun
Successful Magic 13
Pavel Newspaper Knotting II newspaper cone, rope and knot thrown into it, knot found on rope, repeated with different colored knot
Successful Magic 15
Pavel The Ribbon Transposition chosen ribbon vanishes from a glass and appears attached on other ribbon in second glass
Successful Magic 17
Pavel The Zebra Trick paper with black horse and white horse are torn and restored to one paper with picture of a zebra
Successful Magic 19
Pavel Encore the Silk in the Knot handkerchief disappears and appears knotted on rope over neck
Successful Magic 21
Pavel The Spotted Card six colored spots vanish from cards an appear all together on previously blank card
Successful Magic 23
Pavel Six Ideas for Cane Workers ideas with the vanishing and appearing cane
Successful Magic 25
Pavel Ghostly Silks! three handkerchiefs in three glasses, glasses are stacked, handkerchiefs penetrate glasses and end up knotted together
The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 (Issue 36) 179
Pavel Silk from Confetti Shower visual
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 316
Pavel The Jumping Silk from hand to hand and back
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 318
Pavel Blow-Knot silks in clear plastic tube
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 374
Pavel Predicta-Rope three colored ropes are knotted together by spectator, color order is predicted
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 24
Pavel The Ring Transposition three red and 3 yellow small plastic rings, transpose one by one from hand to hand
Close-up Cavalcade 122
Pavel The Absolute Touch feeling date of some coins
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1 No. 11) 124
Pavel Hopper Knoten four different colored ropes, knot from rope jumps on others and is opened on last rope
Related to
  • Pavel's Fantastic Knot
Neue Magische Ideen 2
Pavel Tuch-Würfel handkerchief in big dice change places, then dice change color, with tubes
Neue Magische Ideen 3
Pavel Bluff-Ringe plastic rings in plastic envelopes change places and change colors
Neue Magische Ideen 5
Pavel Clip-a-Card! ribbon with playing cards, one card is selected and it is the only one with different colored back, prediction of card as kicker
Neue Magische Ideen 6
Pavel Zickzack Elefant zig-zag effect with picture of an elephant in a frame
Neue Magische Ideen 7
Pavel Drei-Seil-Routine with snap fasteners
Neue Magische Ideen 9
Pavel Unglaubliche Punkte cards with colors, matching routine with spectator, cards put in plastic envelopes
Neue Magische Ideen 10
Pavel Loch-Blendo knots in handkerchiefs are removed, handkerchiefs with holes are placed in paper tube and transform into one big handkerchief with lots of holes
Neue Magische Ideen 11
Pavel The High Flying Knot rope tossed in the air, flourish knot
The Knot Collector 33
Aldo Colombini Poppy knot in rope slides from one end to the other, changes color, slides again and when opened it is found to be part of the rope
Related to
  • Pavel's "Acrobatic Knot"
FISM Lecture Notes 3
Michael Close Patter for Pavel's "Fantastic Knot" presentation
Workers Number 3 37
Pavel Der Zauberstab-Regenerator broken wand placed inside bottle and restored wand starts to rise, repeated
M wie Magie 2
Pavel Pavel's "Seil durch den Hals" rope through neck, variation with handkerchief, magnetic
M wie Magie 4
Pavel Seil durch den Körper rope through body, magnetic
M wie Magie 6
Pavel Pavel's "Seil durch den Körper" rope penetrates neck and body, magnetic
M wie Magie 6
Pavel Die Karte in der Luft ballon is bursted with needle, and selection appears pierced on needle
M wie Magie 8
Pavel Das Wäscheklammer-Seil rope and different colored cloth pins are placed in a bag, chosen colored cloth pin is found on rope
M wie Magie 10
Pavel Die Jahrhundert-Tücher magnetic
M wie Magie 12
Pavel Neue Tuch-Verkettung three methods for knotted silks, magnetic, with tube, paper cone and glasses
M wie Magie 14
Pavel Das flinke Seil ends of rope knot by themselves, cut rope is restored, magnetic
M wie Magie 16
Pavel Seilring-Restauration cut rope is thrown into the air and restores, magnetic
M wie Magie 18
Pavel Perfekte Ring-Durchdringung ring on rope, magnetic rope
M wie Magie 20
Pavel Der unmögliche Kartensteiger magnetic card riser
M wie Magie 22
Pavel Das springende Tuch three silks on rope, monkey bar type, magnetic rope
M wie Magie 24
Pavel Der Magnetische Zauberstab handkerchief appears knotted on wand
M wie Magie 26
Pavel Zugabe: Der balancierende Zauberstab balancing wand on table, magnetic
M wie Magie 26
Pavel Das Rätsel des gelben Knotens Pavel's Fantastic Knot, different method, magnetic
M wie Magie 28
Pavel Rose zu Tuch rose on jacket transforms into silk
M wie Magie 30
Pavel Magnet-Halter magnetic holder in trousers
M wie Magie 30
Pavel Nützliche Tips tips for using magnets
  • Das Magnet-Sortiment
  • Wie werden die Magnete in den Seilen befestigt (how to attach the magnets inside the ropes)
  • Wichtige Hinweise
M wie Magie 32
Michael Kaminskas, Daryl Martinez, Pavel Roped two white ropes are suddenly knotted together, the rope slides along the rope and knot changes color, knot is taken off the rope and thrown on it again, when it is opened, its a white rope with a red part
Inspired by
  • Pavel's Fantastic Knot
  • Daryl Martinez' Amazing Acrobatic Knot
Miracle Material 97
Sam Schwartz Plus Ultra 4x4 layout with alphabet cards, row chosen and letters arrange to build a word, this item matches a selection from a deck with pictures
Inspired by
  • "Ultra Combination" (Pavel)
The Fine Print (Issue 5) 107
Gene Anderson Knot Dr. Seuss big knot is formed, falls of rope and performer is left with short piece of rope, Pavel's Krazy Knot
A. Background and Credits
B. The poem
C. Gene's script
D. Materials and tools
F. Seuss book
Gene Anderson — The Book 189