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Paul LePaul An Impromptu Rising Card Effect
Related toVariations The Card Magic of Le Paul 190
Dr. Stanley Jaks Omar's Prophecies treatise on the one-ahead triple prediction, sheets labeled with A, B & C
  • Part II (replacing force with known data)
  • Part III (on the selection of people, apparently random)
  • Part IV (staging the routine)
  • Part V (staging for Brainwave)
  • Part VI (handling for the Billet Knife)
  • Part VII (handling for Chuck Smith's M-T Pad)
Related toVariations Omar's Prophecies 1
Scotty York, Chuck Smith The Fabulous Red Snapper bill ends up in a snapper
Lecture 29
Chuck Smith Moving Monte Switch two cards moved around on table, one switched
Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant) 20
Chuck Smith Hobson's Choice deck vanish, acoustical illusion of riffling the deck with a single card
Also published here
  • MUM, July 1980
At The Table 141
Steve Beam Lobotomy when glasses are removed huge spike protruding from the glasses, gag
Related to The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 29) 516
Chuck Smith Harvest Time bill torn, two coins produced from pieces, restored
What If? 1
Chuck Smith King of Club Entertainers
What If? 2
Chuck Smith Bill Tube and Hank silk through bill tube, especially for magicians since tube is ungaffed
What If? 3
Chuck Smith Linking Ropes climax to linking ropes routine with several rope rings becoming one large ring
What If? 5
Chuck Smith Multiplying Rabbits small rabbits finale without need to go to pockets
What If? 6
Chuck Smith Brema Nut nut through shoelace
What If? 7
Chuck Smith Chuck Smith's Ring Flight ungaffed key ring
What If? 8
Chuck Smith Imagination card forced only with equivoque
What If? 9
Chuck Smith Imaginary 21 Card Trick in effect a card is chosen under table and named by magician
VariationsAlso published here What If? 12
Chuck Smith Coin of Zo one side of coin changes
What If? 14
Chuck Smith Fake Turnover brief
What If? 14
Chuck Smith Cards to Pocket ten cards
What If? 15
Chuck Smith Blackjack Demo featuring a "never lose"-stack for blackjack
What If? 17
Chuck Smith Squeeze-Out coin through handkerchief in spectator's hand, shell
What If? 18
Chuck Smith Coin Through Handkerchief in spectator's hand, shell
What If? 19
Chuck Smith Phone Trick
What If? 20
Chuck Smith Knickle Head "What If?" Bonus Page
coin stuck to forehead, when removed a large tack is seen soldered to it
Related toVariations What If? 23
Chuck Smith Juggler Vanish "What If?" Bonus Page
stack of loose coins vanishes after "elbow catch"
What If? 23
Chuck Smith Introduction
What If?
Doug Conn Another Invisible 21-Card Trick spectator pockets card, it is named
Inspired byAlso published here MO — Modus Operandi (Issue 8) 9
Ron Bauer The Magic Coin coin on forehead, has huge nail on back when removed
Inspired by L.I.N.T. — Pocket Stuff for Close-Up Magicians 65
Doug Conn Impossible 21 Card Trick spectator pockets card, it is named
Inspired byAlso published here Tricks of my Trade 105
Chuck Smith Ring Ceremony harness ring vanishes and reappears on spectator's thumb
Why Not? 1
Chuck Smith Cap and Pence
Why Not? 3
Chuck Smith Switch-A-Roo Monte short monte sequence with color changing back kicker
Why Not? 6
Chuck Smith Optical Display to show two cards as three
Why Not? 6
Chuck Smith Cardrise classic pinky rise but from the center
Why Not? 8
Chuck Smith On A Tear general comments on the "Sucker Torn and Restored Napkin", followed by several handlings
Why Not? 9
Chuck Smith Torn and Restored Napkin Opening sucker
Why Not? 9
Chuck Smith Magic Glue sucker
Why Not? 10
Chuck Smith Chinese Paper Puzzle
Why Not? 11
Chuck Smith, Nate Leipzig Cigarette Paper Caper
Why Not? 11
Chuck Smith Good Ole Days Paper Tear sucker
Why Not? 12
Chuck Smith New Will-O-Th-Wisp visual sequence with dollar coin and ball-point pen using the sleeve
Why Not? 14
Chuck Smith Sleeving Techniques several tips on sleeving, retrieving sleeved objects and practice methods
Why Not? 16
Chuck Smith Finale Cards to Pocket ten cards
Why Not? 18
Chuck Smith Stand-Up Rub-a-Dub Vanish
Why Not? 19
Chuck Smith Small Packet BoTop Change
Why Not? 20
Chuck Smith Chip Change switch of tabled card with deck in one hand while positioning some chips on the table
Why Not? 23
Chuck Smith Chuck Smith on the Double-Lift unusual lift
Tools Of The Trade 8
Chuck Smith Fan Force methods using reverse and double fanning
Tools Of The Trade 12
Chuck Smith The Regular Double-Fan force application, also for half forcing deck
Tools Of The Trade 12
Chuck Smith The Regular Reverse Fan double fan application
Tools Of The Trade 14
Chuck Smith Card Memory a peg for all 52 cards
Tools Of The Trade 23
Chuck Smith, Michael Skinner Mighty Memory third of deck stacked, multiple phases
Tools Of The Trade 19
Chuck Smith To Dusty dog finds card
Tools Of The Trade 27
Chuck Smith, Roger Klause, Steve Freeman Game of 31 eight phases
Tools Of The Trade 31
Chuck Smith Long Distance Card Trick wrong card changes into selection and back
Tools Of The Trade 37
Chuck Smith The Classic Pass
Tools Of The Trade 41
Chuck Smith Option Pass also as a color change or small packet palm from bottom
Variations Tools Of The Trade 47
Chuck Smith Palm Pass
Tools Of The Trade 51
Chuck Smith Push-Back Deal kind of push-off second deal and x-th deal from top but with pre-established break
Tools Of The Trade 55
Chuck Smith Let's Fish free from a third of the deck
Tools Of The Trade 59
Chuck Smith, Paul LePaul Thanks to LePaul
Inspired by Tools Of The Trade 65
Chuck Smith Moments to Remember two cards freely selected, those cards with different back produced from pocket
Tools Of The Trade 69
Chuck Smith Introduction
Tools Of The Trade
Chuck Smith Practice
Tools Of The Trade 2
Chuck Smith Introduction
Why Not?
Chuck Smith Imaginary 21 Card Trick in effect a card is chosen under table and named by magician
Also published here 7-7-7 130
Barrie Richardson Mesmer's Pencil
  • Phase I - The Rise (pencil stands up on hand, small thread loop)
  • Phase II - The Heavy Pencil (spectator cannot lift pencil off the performer's hand)
  • Phase III - The Feather Test (variation of Phase II with feather on top, Chuck Smith idea)
Inspired by Curtain Call 13
Ricky Smith Otocyst Palm replacement while turning the deck
Inspired by If An Octopus Could Palm 78