30 entries in Cards / Sleights / Cloths and Cards / Loading the Pocket for later discovery
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Bob Hummer Jogged Card to Inside Pocket injogged card, deck held in right hand, card secretly transferred to inner right pocket
Half-A-Dozen Hummers 6
Unknown Simplex Card to Pocket loading indifferent or x card into inside pocket
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 191
Rick Johnsson The Walking Man's Lap ditching cards into pocket
Practical Impossibilities 27
Ross Bertram Thumb Palm Trouser Pocket Load
Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 73
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm card to pocket without palming
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 8) 239
Bob Hummer Jacket Load while opening jacket, card can be stolen and loaded to inside pocket
Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 10
Derek Dingle Breast Pocket Load or ditch
The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 52
Unknown Pocket Ditch from Deck left side pocket during body turn
The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 99
Bruce Cervon Conus Aces method to load three cards in spectator's inner pocket, Conus Aces not explained
Tricks of Conjuring 15
Dr. James Nuzzo Nuzzos's Pocket Appearance front trouser, while rubbing the pocket, from rear palm
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 11
Edward Marlo Loading the Shirt Pocket
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 28
Edward Marlo On the Card to Pocket - The Side Trouser Pockets
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 13
Edward Marlo Loading the Back Pocket (Trousers)
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 30
Edward Marlo Loading the Angled Pocket front trouser
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 18
Edward Marlo Some Observations additional tips and comments
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 31
Edward Marlo Loading the Side Pockets (Very Slight Angle) front trouser pocket
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 19
Edward Marlo The Spectator Removes Em two cards to pocket, removed by spectator
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 47
Edward Marlo Loading Straight Seam Side Pockets
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 21
Edward Marlo Crossed Arms Loading front trouser pocket
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 23
Edward Marlo Loading the Outside Coat Pockets
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 25
Derek Dingle A. Card to Breast Pocket Load from deck
52 Lovers 106
Edward Marlo The Inside Coat Pocket Load (Shirt Pocket)
Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 26
Philippe Socrate Deck to pocket load variation of old stage manipulation, stealing all except top card into thumb clip palm
Williamson's Wonders 78
Gary Kurtz The Empty Hand Delay time-delayed use as load
1. Anwendung: Beim Zurückgeben laden (load pocket when returning pen to pocket)
2. Anwendung: Das Laden beim herausholen eines Gegenstandes (load pocket when taking something out of pocket)
Prinzipien in der Praxis 31
Harry Lorayne A Lorayne Storm thoughts on loading cards in course of routines
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16 No. 12) 2302
Guy Hollingworth An Ambitextrous Interchange several interesting methods
Drawing Room Deceptions 65
Unknown Pocket Dump dropping cards into pocket secretly
Hofzinser Notebook 3
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Wallet/Envelop Load from behind back, reaching up under jacket
Related to Combo II 51
Allan Ackerman Pocket Loading Ruse getting card in pocket for later discovery under the ruse of putting joker away
How to Tame a Moose 25
Pit Hartling Back-Pocket Load from thumb palm
In Order to Amaze 165