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Victor Farelli "Culling" Talks about how culling should be done, mentions Louis Nikola and how he stacks his deck during the course of another routine, also mentions Erdnase's stock securing and cull shuffling
Related to 1936 "Lend Me Your Pack" 12
Karl Fulves The Running Cull intro, credit information
Related to 1973 Gene Finnell's Card Magic 19
Walt Lees Note on Culling
1981 More Professional Card Tricks 4
Roger Crosthwaite The Cull intro
1994 Roger's Thesaurus 127
Roger Crosthwaite Riffle Cull Finesse
1994 Roger's Thesaurus 127
Roberto Giobbi Culling Introduction
2000 Card College — Volume 4 895
Benjamin Earl Control comment on controlling a four-of-a-kind
2018 Roleplayer 15
Steve Forte Culling general comments about culling in gaming context
2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 1 272