10 entries in Cards / Sleights / Counting Cards / Dividers (forming packets of equal size)
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Edward Marlo Faro Divider dividing a deck/packet into four piles with an equal number of cards
Faro Controlled Miracles 1
Edward Marlo Off Center Faro Divider method of dividing deck in four packets of non-equal size of known number
Faro Controlled Miracles 2
Sam Randlett Finnell's Spell as a set-up for Gene Finnell's "Spelling the Aces"
Related to Epilogue (Issue 2) 16
Darwin Ortiz Pinky Count Divider handling for forming packets of twelve cards each
Afterthoughts 77
Martin A. Nash Vernash's Aces faros and Free Cut Principle, see p. 443 for additional crediting
Related toVariations Ever So Sleightly 70
Edward Marlo Casual Faro Divider creating four packets of equal size
Card Finesse 155
Edward Marlo Giving 26 Cards to Spectator faro
The Olram File (Issue 5) 14
Roger Crosthwaite Rapid Thumb Count rhythmic
Related to Roger's Thesaurus 109
James Swain The Unweave Revelation Faro Divider type
Miracles with Cards 109
Darwin Ortiz Pinky Count Divider four equal packets of twelve cards with pinky and thumb count
Scams & Fantasies with Cards 14