15 entries in Credit Card / Miscellaneous
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Ken De Courcy Crossed Credits two spectators hold their credit cards wrapped in handkerchiefs, they transpose
  • Variation (to wallet finale)
1982 Creditable Conjuring 3
Ken De Courcy Credit Card Switch manipulative
1982 Creditable Conjuring 4
Ken De Courcy Unlocked Credit padlock is dropped into handkerchief with credit card and opens itself
1982 Creditable Conjuring 11
Karl Fulves Ho Ho Coins No. 8, coins gather under credit cards, posed as a problem
Inspired by 1985 S-C — Contemporary Money Magic (Issue 7) 116
Ben Harris Spending Spree multi phase sequence with borrowed credit card in deck that finds two chosen selections
1986 The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 5 70
Sid Lorraine An American Expression "Two Tricks"
blank card with credit card print
1988 The Chronicles (Issue 34) 1398
Ben Harris, Mark Kriewaldt Credit HighLight signature on spectator's credit card vanishes, a signature from a paper travels back onto credit card
1990 Mad Fax and other Mysteries 13
Jerry Mentzer Sources of Credit Cards where to obtain credit cards for tricks
1992 Magic with Credit Cards 3
Jerry Mentzer Color Copiers making fake credit cards for tricks
1992 Magic with Credit Cards 5
Unknown Switch of Credit Card underneath stack of envelope
1992 Magic with Credit Cards 22
Jerry Mentzer Bits of Business with Credit Cards gags
  • Hand squeaker
  • Mouth squeaker
  • Mini credit card
  • Borrowed card
  • Borrowed airline card
  • Giant magnet
  • Giant magnet - another use
  • Borrowed Card
  • Borrowed Card
  • Credit Check
  • Dummy or undesirable character gags
1992 Magic with Credit Cards 48
Unknown Credit Card Monte two-card Monte adapted to credit cards
1992 Magic with Credit Cards 56
Daniel Garcia Dischover Credit card floats between hands, impromptu
Also published here 2002 Next 4
Daniel Garcia Disc Hover Floating credit card, impromptu, floats between hands
Also published here 2009 Limited 21
Michael Alec Meal Ticket credit card monte, way to make someone else pay
2010 Prolix (Issue 7) 431