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Peter Turner The Confirmation Principle asking a question to make a person think of something
2014 A Piece Of My Mind 195
Michael Murray Un-Real question on business card which one spectator should read, divining who has read the question, principle
Related to
  • Atlas Brookings "The Real Thing" and Patrick Redford's "Prevaricator"
2014 A Piece Of My Mind 208
Michael Murray Thought Unlinking principle, spectator has two pieces of information in mind, the are revealed apparently unlinked to each other
  • The Mother of all Book Tests
  • Precognition 365
  • Multi-Dimensional / Real Die
2014 A Piece Of My Mind 184
Michael Murray The Comparative Uncertainty Principle (CUP's), system to detect if someone is thinking of a long or a short word
Related to
  • CUP's in Peter Turner's "Isabella Star 2"
2014 A Piece Of My Mind 192