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Robert Cassidy The Dowsing Rods using dowsing rod / pendulum for Syd Bergson's Sixth Sense, spectator finds odd colored ball
The Art of Mentalism 49
Alexander de Cova 6 Steine five white and one black stone
Inspired by
  • "Kurotsuke" (Max Maven, VideoMind 1)
Gambit 16
Wayne Dobson Oddball three balls in bag, spectators take one, performer divines who has the odd-colored one
Dobson's Choice 2 7
Barrie Richardson The Thought Hatchery four spectators take out four colored balls/eggs without looking, performer knows who has which color
Inspired by
  • "Kurotsuke" (Max Maven, VideoMind 1)
Also published here
  • Genii, June 2000
Act Two 7
Colin McLeod Noted with four bills removed from a wallet, odd bill is found as well as the different scenarios the spectators are thinking of
Inspired by
  • Stephen Tucker's "Visa Cabaret"
  • Max Maven's "Kurotsuke"
Divine 108
Nadia "Lou" Schürmann, Christoph Borer DIe Hexenprobe Kurotsuke effect with stones
Mentale Notizen 131