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Theodore Annemann November 1935 on Burling Hull, Phil Smith, Howard Albright and the mechanical Gileegaloo Bird that finds a card, Mr. Rouclere
1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 14) 65
Bobby Bernard Novelty Close Up Magic. Demonstration Effect. Clockwork Capers selected card is found by a wind-up toy, brief
1958 Magic in Miniature 6
Bill Hendricks The Early Bird wind-up toy finds only card with worm on it
1959 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959) 42
C. R. Appleby Thoughts on Ranch Bird
1962 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1962) 28
Harry Lorayne The Pecking Bird card to wallet with entertaining wind-up toy presentation
1971 Reputation-Makers 234
Karl Fulves Silent Thought Transmission two origami crows on table, circle of cards around them, they move to two selections
May 1975 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 7) 960
Edward Marlo Yogi Bird Card Trick wind-up toy finds card, two methods (ungaffed and with set of duplicates)
1976 Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles) 99
Steve Beam Mabel using wind-up teeth
1978 They Don't Make Trap Doors Like They Used To Do Or You Too Can Walk On Water 26
Walt Lees Nimrod two selected card are found by a wind-up toy, half forcing deck
Related to
  • Peter Warlock's "The Pecking Bird" in "Book of Magic", 1956. P.90
1980 The Immaculate Card Magic of Walt Lees 17
Jimmy Ray Dumb Bird bird does not find card, selection found in 'contract' envelope
1980 A Ray of Magic 18
Peter Isaacs AC/DC TBSMRR selected card is found by a wind-up toy robot
1982 Fork Full of Appetizers 23
Christian Scherer Robotranspo signed card travels from among four red backed kings to four blue backed kings, both packets secured with rubber bands
1997 Karten à la carte 104
Dick Koornwinder The Revised Technique for the Koornwinder Kar car finds card by stopping next to it when pushed
1998 The Koornwinder Kar & The Koornwinder Card Control 13
Karl Fulves Wheel of Fortune "Dot Com - Tricks and stunts with numbers"
spinner in center of circle layout, card chosen by spinning and counting, predicted
1998 The Fine Print (Issue 9) 291
Dick Koornwinder The Koornwinder Kar car finds card by stopping next to it when pushed
  • The Apparatus Supplied
  • Explanation of the Basic Principle
Related to 1998 The Koornwinder Kar & The Koornwinder Card Control 4
Don Alan Ranch Bird Deluxe with half forcing deck
2000 In a Class by Himself — The Legacy of Don Alan 85
Jerry Mentzer Thoughts on the Pecking Bird some ideas
2000 Card File Two 166
Ron Bauer Chick Trick wind-up toy chicken finds selections, credit information
Inspired by
  • "The Hoppy" (Ron Bauer, New Tops, March 1982)
2002 Chick Trick 1
Ron Bauer Some Historical Notes on wind-up toy card location plot
2002 Chick Trick 18
Thomas Fraps Walk the Walk selected card is found by a wind-up toy, half forcing deck
2002 The Boston Trick Party 13
Karl Fulves Auto Kinetic blank cards with street names, spectator writes his street on one, arranged in face-down row on table, ungaffed toy car moves towards spectator's card with rubber band held motionless above
Inspired by
  • "Pendulum" (Bob Ostin, marketed effect)
Related to
2006 Prolix (Issue 1) 1
Karl Fulves The Pecking Bird credit information, Howard Albright's "Herman, The Gilagloo Bird" (1930s)
2006 Prolix (Issue 1) 2