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Unknown To consume (or rather to conveie) one or manie balles into nothing lapping ball after false transfer for complete vanish
1584 The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Issue XXIII) 183
Unknown How to make a stone seeme to vanish out of your hand lapping the stone while asking a question
1634 The Art of Legerdemain Discovered 18
Henri Decremps Deux moyens différens, l'un ancien, l'autre nouveau, de le faire lier les pouces, & de se délier en un instant. "Métamorphose d'un verre en morceaux de papier. Réflexions sur les fausses théories. Prétention absurde. Preuve captieuse de cette prétention." (title continued) more tricks by Pilferer, two methods for thumb tie and a glass is thrown into the air where it changes into confetti / pieces of cards, seated, thoughts about vanishing an object by throwing it into the air and the advantages of using confetti
1785 Supplément A La Magie Blanche Dévoillée 18
Eddie Joseph The Slide Vanish ball dumped into left fingers below table edge
1942 The Last Word on Cups and Balls 21
Slydini The Art of Using the Lap as a Servante
1954 Stars of Magic (Vol. 12 No. 1) 162
Slydini Lapping Vanish with sponge ball
1957 26 Originals 19
Tony Corinda (8) The Billet Switch (by lapping)
1959 Billets 178
Lewis Ganson Ganson's Cushion cushion for easier placement and pick up of object in routines, where lapping is involved
1967 The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 223
Jens Korth Roulette chips penetrates table, chink a chink with one jumbo card, color change, shells
1969 The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 2 268
Jerry Mentzer Commentary on the performance of close-up magic, lapping possibilities, gaffed objects
1973 Close-up Cavalcade 3
Scotty York A Ring Trilogy two ring on string phases, then ring penetrates finger and is linked to safety pin, slit ring
VariationsAlso published here 1975 Lecture 21
Kevin Fox We'll Ring You after the deck is removed from the case a die is tipped out, a coin appears under a card,the back of the card changes color, then the die and the coin vanish
1975 Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 9) 101
Unknown El Fakir Tragacuchillos swallowing a knife
1975 Magia en el Bar 25
Scotty York Fake Wand-Spin Vanish
1975 Cups & Balls 7
Slydini Timing - A Simple Routine vanish using lap
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 39
Slydini Basic Precepts
  • Slydini's Secret of Entertaining Audiences
  • The Basic Starting Position (for lapping tricks)
  • The Eyes
  • Notes on Natural Magic
  • Developing Grace
  • Coordination
  • Noise
  • Some General Observations
  • To Conclude
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 11
Slydini Producing the Ball by Timing from lap
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 40
Slydini The Sweep Technique
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 21
Slydini The Revolve vanish using lap
  • Details of The Revolve
  • Checkpoints
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 41
Slydini Coordination - An Example retrieving a ring (or object) from behind cigarette case on table (not really lapping related)
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 29
Slydini One Coin Routine eleven phases, featuring lapping vanishes, retrievals, hand penetration
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 70
Slydini Misdirection vanish of object using lap
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 34
Slydini The Retrieval retrieving object from lap
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 35
Slydini The Handling of the Misdirection Vanish
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 36
Slydini Miniature Misdirection vanish using lap
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 36
Karl Fulves Notes on Slydini, stand-up lapping on a chair
1978 The Chronicles (Issue 7) 1132
Slydini Remote Lapping coin lapped with coin forward on table and not near edge
1979 The Magical World of Slydini 49
Steve Beam Eyeglasses glass vanishes, and is produced from eye
1979 Magic — The Vanishing Art 78
Gary Ouellet The Whoops Move vanish of a ball
1980 The Two Goblets 28
Camilo Vázquez Transformation of Jeton similar to Ross Bertram's Rubdown, as a transformation of to square casino chips
1981 Das Camilo Seminar "81" 5
Meir Yedid Glass Through the Table
Inspired by 1982 Incredible Close-Up Magic 129
Gary Ouellet Swindle Ring ring vanishes from string and appears on finger, seated
  • The Rear Shift Lap
1983 The Homing Ring 16
Vic Trabucco Using the Hand as a Servante
1984 Fork Full of Appetizers - Book 2 110
Slydini, Gerald Deutsch Timing Principle Lap
1985 Best of Friends — Volume II 555
Ben Harris Ring-O-Go-Go finger ring in fist vanishes
1985 Out Of His Mind! 109
Unknown Glass Lap covered glass transferred from table
1985 Magic By Gosh 121
Unknown Bagel Load bagel load to bowl
1985 Magic By Gosh 126
Ron Wilson The Color-Changing Silk close-up and stage version
Also published here 1987 The Uncanny Scot, Ron Wilson 37
Gary Ouellet Lapping Plus Technique
1990 Close Up Illusions 324
Paul Gertner Tips on Lapping
1994 Steel and Silver 41
Slydini Slydini Action Coordination brief
1995 ca. Relentless (revised edition) 5
Unknown Screened Lapping under cover of arm
1995 ca. Relentless (revised edition) 20
Gary Kurtz Notes on Angles lapping surrounded
1995 ca. Relentless (revised edition) 24
Paul Harris Laws of Lapping jokes
1996 The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Issue Misc. Pieces of Paul) 261
Michael Skinner Taking Our Lumps applications for sticking things behind table edge: broken and restored match, dice transformation (to sugar)
1996 Classic Sampler 16
Slydini Put-And-Take Theory on ditching things
2001 DeSouza's DeCeptions 20
Robert Byrne Impossible Coins Thru Table one coin in each hand above table, chosen coin penetrates table
2006 Prolix (Issue 1) 17
Slydini Revolve Vanish
2006 Prolix (Issue 1) 17
Curtis Kam Standing Lap one arm under table
2006 Earning Interest 14
Ricky Smith The Art of Using the Coat as a Servante when sitting, also without table
2015 Nothing as it Seems 35
Lorenz Schär Clap-Lap two coins slapped together, one vanishes, also to switch coins with other objects
2019 Cards Against Reality 145
Roberto Mansilla Bolas de Esponja thorough spongeball routine, two balls with different color appear from purse frame, travel from hand to hand and vanish back in frame
  • Aparición de dos bolas
  • Ten Count
  • Sin la Cuenta
  • Interceptada
  • En la Mano del Espectador
  • A Guardar, A Guardar
2019 Çerca 53
Steve Forte Leg Padding to avoid things falling through the legs
2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 548