12 entries in Cards / Jumbo Cards (exclusive) / Sleights / False Counts
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Unknown False Count adding extra card
Classic Secrets of Magic 67
Jack Avis The Elmsley-Jordan Count to Show Four Aces Siva Count basically
Magic With Giant Cards 8
Fred Castle, Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count Technique for doing Elmsley Count with jumbo cards, either horizontally or vertically
Magic With Giant Cards 2
Brother John Hamman, Fred Castle The Hamman Count With Jumbo Cards, modified technique for two versions
Magic With Giant Cards 3
Arturo de Ascanio, Fred Castle The Ascanio Count Technique to keep cards together (for jumbo cards)
Magic With Giant Cards 5
Unknown All Alike Display with jumbo cards
Typisch Sveroni 18
Simon Lovell The Squelmsley Count with jumbo cards
Simon Says! 103
Sveroni, Christian Scherer Three as Four Display with jumbo cards
Variationen 19
Sveroni False Display hiding surfaces, with jumbo cards
Variationen 31
Sveroni Spezielles Zählen all alike count, for jumbo cards
Alte Neuheiten 20
Sveroni Optisches Vorzählen all alike count with jumbo cards, similar to a flushtration count
Alte Neuheiten 23
Norman Houghton, Christian Scherer Flushtration Count stand up, with jumbo cards
Schlaglichter 255