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Oswald Rae Miracles of Memory mental arithmetic, and list of words, interesting solution and presentation for the mental arithmetic
Sub Rosa 91
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Memory Plus Miracles list of twenty words is memorized by performer, then medium is called, who divines words too, carbon envelope
Gems of Mental Magic 21
Tony Corinda The Amazing Memory Test
  • The First Stage (the system)
  • The Second Stage (connecting the objects to the learned list)
  • The Application of The Amazing Memory System
  • Calling the Objects Back
Mnemonics and Mental Systems 61
Jack Kent Tillar Develop a 'Powerhouse' Memory
The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 111) 555
Unknown Mnemonic Code letters / numbers, Numerical Dictionary
The Magic of Francis Carlyle 134
Unknown Double Master No. 87, doubling the number of objects/key words
Self-Working Number Magic 114
Paul Harris Remembering Names gag tip
A Close-Up Kinda Guy 22
Unknown The Master Memory System No. 85, number association with key words
Self-Working Number Magic 109
Karl Fulves Practice practicing combo memory system
Combo 11
Karl Fulves One & One is Ten combo system introduction
Combo 5
Karl Fulves The Value of Color combo system
Combo 6
Karl Fulves The Link To Playing Cards binary features of playing cards, combo system for colors
Related to Combo II 8
Barrie Richardson The Modest Memory Routine fifteen cards are selected and memorized together with the audience by explaining a peg system, either for real or with switch
Act Two 29
Karl Fulves And Don't Forget... non-card situations for the Word Play memory system
Word Play 64
Karl Fulves The Automatic Mind on memory systems, also for ESP cards
Word Play 65
Karl Fulves Newmonics memorizing a string of numbers
Word Play 5
Karl Fulves The Narrative
Word Play 6
Karl Fulves The Expert Memorizes Cards on memorizing a string of cards
Word Play 7
Karl Fulves Erdnase Cheats memorizing short sequence of cards
Word Play 10
Karl Fulves Word Play system for memorizing twelve cards
  • The Suit System
  • Coding For Value
  • Naming The Jacks
  • Verbs For Jacks
  • Objects For Jacks
  • The system thus far
  • The System For Kings
  • The System For Queens
  • How To Practice
Inspired byRelated to Word Play 13
Karl Fulves You Must Remember This commentary on the memory system
Word Play 25