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Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Weissagen wider Willen card written on billet and put in envelope, another empty envelope closed, spectator divines selection (via multiple-step equivoque), card travels from deck into this envelope
Also published here May 1898 Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 11) 172
Arthur Toskana My Darling card named by spectator, three cards chosen and tabled, then one of those chosen, it is the named selection, trying for verbal King of Hearts force
Feb. 1900 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 2) 19
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Weissagen wider Willen card written down, another spectator divines it via equivoque, it vanishes from deck and appears in envelope
Also published here Nov. 1901 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 11) 164
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Verbal Force emphasis on forcing number
1910 Kartenkünste 15
Dai Vernon, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Bill Simon, Martin Gardner, Norman Jensen, Bruce Elliott The Ruler force with ruler with name of cards, ruler is balanced on two fingers and fingers brought together until fingers meet, see also p. 981 for ideas by John Hamilton
Variations 1951 The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 244) 974
Edward G. Brown The Name of a Card is Written name of cards written on paper, force, different methods
1973 The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 191
Edward G. Brown A Card Named by an Assistant to force a card
1973 The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 191
George Blake Red or Black Force forcing one of the colors, "for me"
Mar. 1974 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 5) 714
Roger Smith The Out of Sight Card Miracle "invisible deck" trick with verbal force of selection and ungaffed deck
1975 Smith's Mini-Lecture Notes No. 1 3
Ken De Courcy The Invisible Die and Card Trick card chosen via calculation with invisible dice, spectator sits on that card
Inspired by
  • card on chair in The Quaker Oat Book of Magic
  • "The Invisible Die" (Ken de Courcy, Magigram)
1980 Cards in Cabaret 9
William Goldman Pip-Pip two spectator name a card from invisible deck, cards are found stapled together in real deck, pip secretly shown
1982 Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 12) 230
Unknown Joker Force psychological
1985 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 1
Basil Horwitz No Cards Force cards are named by spectator and one is forced
1986 Clue and other Mysteries 9
Brother John Hamman Sealed-Room Mystery thought-of card into sealed envelope, thought of with strange procedure ("opposite suit and opposite sex...")
Variations 1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 61
Jerry Sadowitz Addendum to Think of a Card verbal force for Three of Clubs or at least a Three or Club
1992 Profile (Issue 6) 12
Thomas Alan Waters 52 to 36 Choice Limitation
1995 Notes from The Summit 2
James Swain Clue murderer and victim from twelve-card packet divined, thought of with strange procedure ("opposite suit and opposite sex...")
Inspired by 1996 Miracles with Cards 7
James Swain Four-Card Equivoque forcing the Queen of Hearts
1996 Miracles with Cards 33
Ellis Stanyon Verbal Force of Suit
1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 35
Ellis Stanyon (c) Card Selected by One Person Is Named by Another card tabled and verbally forced (no details) on another spectator with equivoque questions
1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 107
Wayne Dobson Invisible named card appears folded in invisible purse frame, one of thirteen, with verbal suit force
2004 Dobson's Choice 3 16
Peter Studebaker The Force That Is No Force forcing a color, red or black
2007 Diplopia 12
Jim Steinmeyer The Four Envelope Test card verbally chosen (range force), then one of four envelopes chosen, it contains the card while the other three have Jokers
Mar. 2008 Genii (Vol. 71 No. 3) 16
Barrie Richardson Derren Brown - Does "The Best Card Trick" of the Year with description of performance of verbal force
2011 Curtain Call 233
Jim Steinmeyer Equivoque: The Cardless Cantico verbal force of Nine of Clubs
2013 Ensuing Impuzzibilities 8
Fraser Parker The Trip Psychologically using scripting to limit audiences' choice down to three cards, while apparently giving them a free choice of all the cards to think of
2013 Cog 31
Tyler Wilson, Paul Cummins, Bill Herz Verbal Force of Four of Diamonds
Inspired byAlso published here 2014 The EH Team 20
Joseph Barry Number Card Limitation verbal ploy
2014 Reverie 14
So Sato So-Lution 1
  • Phase 1: Selecting a Number
  • Phase 2: Forcing One of twelve Court Cards
  • Phase 3: Production of the Card (Climax)
2016 The Secrets of So Sato 62
Roberto Giobbi Verbal Range Force getting spectator to name high card
2016 Standup Card Magic 202
Tyler Wilson, Paul Cummins, Bill Herz Verbal Force of Four of Diamonds, see reference for credits
Also published here 2017 Rocky Mountain Session 12
Asi Wind Verbal Suit Force
2018 Repertoire 145
Helder Guimarães The Only Path "A Matter of Control"
spectator makes up cards in several stages and with help of message cards in envelopes, it's predicted
Inspired by 2019 Secret Language — Volume 1 372