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Paul Curry The Curry Turn-Over Change
VariationsAlso published here 1939 More Card Manipulations (Issue 2) 6
Unknown Changing a Card in the act of turning the Card over a double on table is turned over and top card stolen
1946 Card Control 75
Bill Simon Card Switch similar thinking as Vernon's "Simplified Curry Change", Kelly Bottom Placement grip
Related to 1952 Effective Card Magic 117
Paul Curry The Turn-Over Change plus variation
1955 Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic — Part I 15
Edward Marlo, Paul Curry Marlo-Curry Change Variation
1959 Marlo Meets His Match 11
James Steranko Lateral Turnover Change lateral palmed card added to tabled single card and double turned over
1960 Steranko on Cards 32
Paul Curry The Turnover Change
1962 Close-up Card Magic 215
Harry Lorayne Random Thoughts some thoughts on and applications for the Turnover Change
1962 Close-up Card Magic 240
Harry Lorayne Cross-Over Change switching two cards, one with each hand
1962 Close-up Card Magic 241
Francis Carlyle Variation Change and Stud Poker in-the-hands Curry Turnover Change, suggested as hole card switch
1962 Close-up Card Magic 242
Harry Lorayne, Paul Curry Multiple Change Curry Turnover Change for multiple cards
1962 Close-up Card Magic 263
Dai Vernon Simplified Curry
Related to 1965 Super Card Man Stuff 5
Edward Marlo Covered Turnover Switch
1970 Hierophant (Issue 3) 156
Unknown Turnover Switch double on table
1971 Reputation-Makers 86
Harry Lorayne The Scoop Change tabled
1971 Reputation-Makers 285
Karl Fulves Klip Notes notes, techniques, ideas with paper clips and cards
  • Add-On Technique
  • Flap Card Technique
  • Paper Clip Problems (4)
1974 Close-Up Mental Magic 32
Edward Marlo Breakless Curry Change 1 or multiple cards
Related to 1975 Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue) 19
Karl Fulves Other Variations of the second deal lap
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 2 99
Unknown Transpo "Move"
1975 The Magic of Francis Carlyle 153
Edward Marlo No Break Marlo-Curry Change thorough discussion
1976 Marlo's Magazine Volume 1 7
Edward Marlo Marlo's Curry's Curve single tabled card switched for double
Variations 1976 Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 5) 68
Edward Marlo Marlo's Scoop Change
Related to 1976 Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 9) 120
Eric Mason The Turnover Change
July 1976 Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 11) 278
Unknown Turnover Switch double on table
1976 The Magic of Paul Harris 29
Rick Johnsson Moussaka similar to the Miracle Card Change, on the deck
1976 Practical Impossibilities 92
Karl Fulves DQ turnover switch handling in which switched-out card is lapped, different variations
  • DQ I
  • DQ II
  • DQ III
  • DQ IV
  • DQ V (one of several is switched)
1978 Transpo Trix 60
Paul Harris Curry Split exchanging one against two
1978 Las Vegas Close-Up 134
Unknown Wild Card Turnover
1979 Tearable 1
Karrell Fox F.V.C.C. "Fox Version of the Curry Change"
1979 Another Book 92
Paul Curry, Edward Marlo, Roger Crosthwaite In The Air Turnover Change
Oct. 1980 Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 10) 920
Dai Vernon The Simple Turnover Switch
1980 The Immaculate Card Magic of Walt Lees 20
Edward Marlo Turnover Move
1981 Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets Volume Two 15
Dai Vernon The Simple Turnover Switch
Oct. 1981 Intermagic (Vol. 8 No. 3) 108
Tom Mullica The Future Change as card is pushed aside with hand that holds deck
Related to 1982 Best of Friends 56
Paul Curry The Curry Turnover Change
1984 The Best of Close-Up Magic 129
Dai Vernon The Simple Turnover Switch wothout credit
1984 Fork Full of Appetizers — Book 2 42
Paul Curry Der Curry-Turnover-Change
Also published here Nov. 1984 Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 2) 73
Paul Curry Turnover Change
Oct. 1985 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8 No. 10) 1123
Paul Curry, Frederick Braue Curry Turnover Change (Braue Handling)
Inspired by 1985 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 3) 25
Larry Jennings Modified Curry Turnover
Related to 1986 The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 11
Harry Lorayne The Ultimate Move tabled card is switched as it is moved or turned over, also multiple cards, different handlings
May 1987 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10 No. 5) 1345
Dai Vernon Simplified Curry Change
Related to 1988 The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 113
David A. Vogt Illogical Curry Change
1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 143
Paul Curry Curry Turnover Change
1988 The Cardwright 34
Harry Lorayne The Ultimate Move tabled cards are switched as they're turned over, three handlings
1990 Trend Setters 254
Patrick Page Mein Umdreh-Austausch
  • Eine Variante
  • Noch eine Variante
  • Und noch eine Variante
Also published here
  • Pages from Patrick's Notebook
Nov. 1991 Intermagic (Vol. 16 No. 3) 106
Dai Vernon The Simple Turnover Switch without credit
1992 La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 3 85
Unknown Turnover Switch double on table
1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue The Magic of Paul Harris) 84
Unknown Card Switch while turning card over and placing it in other hand
1996 La Magia de Pablo Domènech 32
Edward Marlo Breakless Curry Change
1997 Karten à la carte 15
Paul Curry Curry Turnover
1997 Karten à la carte 47
Simon Lovell Curryturnoverthinks
1997 Simon Says! 96
Paul Curry Curry Turnover Change featuring Kelly Bottom Placement to get into position for change
1999 Kort 14
Paul Curry The Curry Turnover Change
Variations 2000 Card College — Volume 4 811
Dai Vernon The Simple Turnover Switch
Related to 2000 Card College — Volume 4 813
Paul Curry The Curry Turnover Change description by Jean Hugard
2001 Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 3
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Paul Curry Tricks by Paul Curry (written by Stephen Minch)
with credit discussions
2002 Latter Day Secrets (Issue 7) 274
Dai Vernon The Simple Turnover Switch
2006 The Magic of Ascanio — Studies of Card Magic 122
Edward Marlo, Paul Curry Breakless Curry Change
2007 The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 41
Edward Marlo Breakless Curry Change
2007 52 Memories 86
Fred Robinson Fred Robinson Turnover Change
2009 The Magic of Fred Robinson 119
Patrick Page The Pageboy Card Switch apparently published by Larry Jennings without credit
Related to 2011 Magic Page by Page 74
Justin Higham Pseudo Turnover Switch palmed card is switched in
  • As an Addition
  • As a 1-of-2 Switch
2011 More Pseudo Card-Cheating and Related Switches 35
Paul Curry Curry Change brief
2014 Notes de Conférence 2 19
Roberto Giobbi In-Transit Curry starting with card in hand
Inspired by 2016 Hidden Agenda (Issue Sep 6) 257
Unknown Wild Card Turnover
2019 Seminar 2019 23
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Scoop Change
Related toVariations 2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 235
Tom Gagnon Hand-to-Hand Transfer cards picked up with same hand as deck and transferred to other hand, one or multiple cards
Inspired by 2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 236
Unknown Turnover Change break, second card slides out same orientation than the deck
May 2020 Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2)) 277
Steve Forte Hole-card and Player-card Switches credit information
  • direct hole-card "switch"
  • tip-over hole-card switch
Related to 2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 602
Tony Kardyro T.K. Change
Related toVariations 2020 Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy 421