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Unknown The Spread Pass
More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 9
Unknown Spread Pass classic style
The Royal Road to Card Magic 157
Paul LePaul A Flourish And A Pass deck spreads itself between hands
Related toVariations The Card Magic of Le Paul 35
Walter Baker Fan Pass Transformation actually not visual
Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 118
Harry Lorayne Spread-Pass Delay
Reputation-Makers 265
Daryl Martinez, Harry Lorayne Delayed Spread-Pass
Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" 55
Karl Fulves, Paul LePaul Small Packet Spread Pass brief
Octet 53
Tom Gagnon The Fan Square-Up Pass top card cover pass from one-handed fan
Inspired by
  • Eddie Fechter's Fan Glimpse (Magic of Eddie Fechter, p. 185)
Also published here
Epoptica (Issue Yearbook) 301
Frederick Braue Braue Cut Control cards are spread and taken in both hands, turned face-up
The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 3) 19
Paul LePaul, Gary Ouellet The Spread Pass Technique normal and with the ProControl Card
Also published here ProControl 28
Randy Wakeman Taking a Pass two covers for spread pass:
- The End Tap Cover
- The Finger Square Cover
Related to Special Effects 53
Randy Wakeman All-Around Square-Up Spread Pass
Related to Randy Wakeman Presents 58
Harry Lorayne Spread Passable off-beat spread pass handling as force or control
Trend Setters 221
Harry Lorayne Spread Pass Delay
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17 No. 8) 2390
Paul LePaul, Gary Ouellet Spread Pass
Also published here The Pass 79
Tony Biscardi Passing Gear card reverse while doing the LePaul Spread Pass
Related to The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 59) 1128
Jed B. Smith "Upjog" Spread Pass Strip-Out Spread Pass handling
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20 No. 7) 2816
Piet Forton, Wolff von Keyserlingk The Light-reft Spread Pass reverse spreading the halves
Related to Concertos for Pasteboard 43
Paul LePaul, Roberto Giobbi The Spread Pass
Inspired by Card College — Volume 4 978
Andrew Wimhurst Flex Pass, Fan Pass tips on classic pass and riffle pass
Jiggery Pokery 10
Neal Elias Turnover Spread Pass
Inspired by New Card Controls 22
Lee Asher, Allan Ackerman The Losing Control Light Reft Spread Pass, outjogged card - feature by Ackerman, credit information
Hand Jobs 6
Allan Ackerman The HP Action Hidden Packet maneuver, underneath thumb fan
Ackerman 2004 9
Paul LePaul, Jim Cellini The LePaul 360 spread pass handling
53 Friends 19
Unknown Reverse-Spread Key-Card Placement credit information
Confidences 158
Allan Ackerman The FANcy Pass using HP (Hidden Packet maneuver), as fan is closed
The Cardjurer 7
Allan Ackerman The Ultimate Gesture Cut (UGC) light reft spread pass, credit information, with "A 2001 Variation"
Related to The Cardjurer 41
Shane Cobalt The Cream Control card out-jogged from in-the-hands spread, shown and pushed in, to top, light-reft-spread-pass feel
Paul LePaul LePaul Spread Pass brief
A Fuego Lento — Volumen I 80
Allan Ackerman HP Move displacement of packet under fan, "Hidden Packet"
Blomberg Laboratories 226
Allan Ackerman Ultimate Gesture Cut (UGC) & The Joker Cull light reft spread pass, credit information, culling a named card (also face down with memorized deck)
Related to Card Theater 12
Allan Ackerman Ultimate Gesture Cut as Prophecy Move light reft
Card Theater 47
Paul LePaul LePaul Spread Pass
Grand Livre de Cartomagie 277
Tom Gagnon Fan Square-Up Pass top card cover pass from one-handed fan
Also published here Gagnon Unfiltered 321
Helder Guimarães Hidden in Plain Sight - Divide and Turn kind of a combination of turnover pass and light-reft spread pass
Related to Secret Language — Volume 1 38