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Edward Marlo Spring Dribble Table Pass actually a table edge pass, herrmann
1977 Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 101
Ken Krenzel The Dribble Pass with cover, Herrmann
1978 The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 220
Edward Marlo Spring Dribble Pass Drop Cover
1986 Thirty Five Years Later 55
Homer Liwag Homer Liwag's Dribble Double double lift after dribble pass
1994 The Pass 87
Justin Higham The Dribble Shift
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  • Utility Card Sleights (1988, p. 12)
1994 Roger's Thesaurus 116
Justin Higham Delayed Dribble Shift
1994 Roger's Thesaurus 118
Ken Krenzel Top-Cover Dribble Pass
1997 Ingenuities 120
Justin Higham Dribble Shift and Palm with one-handed palm after shift with part of deck
1999 Arcardia 134
Justin Higham More on the Dribble Shift corrected description
Related to 1999 Arcardia 131
Unknown The Dribble Pass
2000 Card College - Volume 4 982
Thomas Baxter The New Theory Dribble Pass includes description of standard dribble pass, in New Theory Dribble Pass cyclic order is not retained
2002 The Action Cop 68