21 entries in Rope / Animation
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Tom Sellers Rollo ball balances on rope
Related to 1931 Sellers' Secrets 11
Unknown The Rising and Falling Tube. A Genuine Hindu Trick bamboo tube travels up and down a cord
1938 Greater Magic 838
Harry C. Bjorklund The Slow Motion Restoration
1938 Greater Magic 797
Paul Curtis Equiloball ball balances on rope
Related to 1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 106) 637
Al Baker A Rope Interlude thread, unknotting rope
1941 The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 209
Unknown Self-Untying Rope thread
1942/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 349
J. Ray Beffel The Hindu Rope Trick rope in bowl on table starts to rise up and sinks down again
1945 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1945) 19
Larette A Close-Up Indian Rope Trick
Also published here 1950 The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 210) 839
Eddie Turner Serepent Rope Serpent Silk and Reel routine, done with a rope, idea
1953 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1953) 34
Don Ausman Vanishing Dove on Rope rope raises form basket, dove in bag vanishes
1959 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959) 56
Jack Yeager Arosol Magic as John Yeager, inventor theme for magic act, Poona Poona Rope, foil paper heating up, Blooming Rose Bouquet, ropes penetrate wand
1960 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1960) 34
Larette Seiltrick
Also published here 1961 Dr. Stanley-Jaks und seine Geheimnisse 140
Walter Slasor New Routines for Your Shelved Magic different trick combinations, ideas
1. Tricky Tumbler (Grant), Vanishing Wand (Walsh)
2. The Handkerchief Pedestal
3. Drawer Box, Spring Rabbit, Dot's A Dandy (Allen)
4. Comedy Pump (Ireland)
5. Devil's Handkerchief, Menge Tricky Tumbler
6. Saltsation (Grant)
7. Rubber Egg (Weller), Milk in Hat (Grant)
8. Comedy Silks (Fox)
9. Temple Screen (Grant)
10. P&L Candlestick coin holder
11. Magic Funnel, Slate
12. Magic Funnel
13. Breakaway Fan, Bang Gun
14. Dial X (Grant), Wrist Watch Tape Measure (Tannen)
15. German Milk Glass (Grant), Confetti Cannister (Grant)
16. Ceylon Strip (Torsberg), Hypnotic Card Box
17. Ghost Glass (Grant)
18. Tricky Tumbler, Color Book (Windsor)
19. Stiff Rope (Grant)
1962 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1962) 29
Karl Fulves (C) Semi-Shears scissors rises up the rope, posed as problem
1979 Interlocutor (Issue 37) 147
Karl Fulves Rope Problem #2 - Chinese Ropes two ropes, on over each shoulder, when one is pulled, the other moves up à la Chinese Sticks, posed as a problem
1986 Contemporary Rope Magic - Part I 12
Karl Fulves Living Room Version of Indian Rope Trick rope over door into another empty room, it is pulled immediately from other side, posed as a problem
1986 Contemporary Rope Magic - Part II 29
Dondrake The Hindu Rope Trick Rope levitates out of basket, boy climbs up, disappears in smoke, rope falls down
1998 Black Art Breakthroughs 25
Robert E. Neale Modern Rope Trick Hindu Rope, rope is made to rigidly stand vertically when held in hand
2008 This Is Not a Book 385
Trevor Lewis Stiff Rope rigid rope / hindu rope, presentation idea
2009 Routines Matter 152
Doug Edwards Rope Fantasy rigid rope / hindu rope, different design, with additional ideas
2013 Nukes 114
Larette Close-Up Rope Trick
Also published here 2014 The Incredible Dr. Jaks 121