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Nate Leipzig Five Hands
Variations Greater Magic 560
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Blind Man's Poker
Miracle Shuffles and Tricks 23
Edward Marlo Blindfold Poker Deal
Let's See the Deck 25
Laurie Ireland Laurie Ireland's Blindfold Poker Deal with unknown and selected hole card, tactile marks on side of card
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1943) 21
Neal Elias Blindfold Poker Deal brief idea
At the Table Tricks 16
Warren Wiersbe Blindfold Poker Deal
Mental Cases With Cards 7
Dai Vernon Blindfold Poker Deal
Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 9
Edward Marlo Simplex Blindfold Deals seven methods
The Unexpected Card Book 20
Derek Dingle 4-Way Triumph with four named cards from poker hands, Daley's Blindfold Poker Deal meets Triumph
Variations Riffle Shuffle Technique — Part One 31
Jerry K. Hartman Poker Face-to-Face Four cards selected from Poker hands, Triumph
Inspired by Card Fare 23
Jerry K. Hartman Hand in Hand Blindfold Poker Deal
Card Fare 45
John F. Mendoza Routined Poker Mental princess card trick with lie detection presentation
Variations The Book of John 19
Jon Racherbaumer Psychic Poker two phases
Related to Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1 No. 8) 93
Frederick Braue Impromptu Poker Deal
Inspired by Fred Braue on False Deals 22
Harry Lorayne, Jon Racherbaumer Impromptu Psychic Poker cards thought of and chosen from poker hands are found
Inspired by Quantum Leaps 140
Edward Marlo Faro Fantastiques 49 card deck, several spectatators shuffle packets and remember card, selections appear in one poker hand, three presentations
Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 359
Derek Dingle Poker Triumph with four named cards from poker hands
Octet 9
Derek Dingle Four Poker Triumph combined with Triumph
Related to The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 144
Karl Fulves The Restacking Problem players leave or arrive after deck is already stacked, several solutions:
  • 4 Hands to 3
  • 5 Hands to 4
  • 5 Hands to 3
  • 3 Hands to 5
  • Mind Games (including finding some thought of cards (blindfold poker deal))
Related to Riffle Shuffle Technique — Part Three 192
Sam Leo Horowitz Blindfold Poker Deal Variation
The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 3 xvii
Jerry K. Hartman Best Hand Forward
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 1) 1731
Jack Avis Auto Deck performer deals himself Aces, then spectators remember one card in their hand, performer shuffles and deals again, everyone has a Straight Flush and performer the memorized cards, extra Aces and duplicates
Also published here
  • marketed in 1953
Vis à Vis 56
Darwin Ortiz, John F. Mendoza Liar's Poker princess card trick with lie detection presentation and sucker finale à la Fingerprint Card Trick
Inspired by Scams & Fantasies with Cards 26
Derek DelGaudio High Five! five people remember the highest card in a poker hand, they're punch dealt in one hand
  • Self-Working Version
Derek DelGaudio 9
Paul Vigil High Five credit information on the plot
Classic Fantastic 189
Paul Vigil High 5.0 five poker hands dealt, four spectators remember one card in their packets, cards redealt, performer reads minds of four spectators
Inspired by
  • "Gimme Five" (Simon Aronson, MAGIC, Aug. 2009, p. 62)
VariationsAlso published here
  • "High 5" (Paul Vigil, MAGIC, Nov. 2011, p. 64)
Classic Fantastic 201
Paul Vigil High 5 Remix last card to envelope in wallet
  • An Impromptu Handling: Sans Wallet
Inspired by Classic Fantastic 215