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Unknown Zum Elektrisierten Spazierstock clarifying illustration for the effect
Related to Feb. 1901 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 2) 30
Albert Fellows, Stanley Collins Bottled Sunshine longer routine, tissue paper bursts into in fire, hole is burnt in a playing card with a reading-glass, three candles catch alight, third candle begins to melt
1920 Deceptive Conceptions in Magic 90
Tom Sellers Rising and Revolving Candle thread
1942 That's Good! 18
Eugene Burger Spirit Candle in the Bottle wand in the bottle with a candle
1987 The Performance of Close-Up Magic 83
Fantasio Die schwebende und sich verwandelnde Kerze candle floats inside a tube and transforms into handkerchief
1988 Fantasio 15