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Oswald Rae Adding Palmed Card on the Deck from pocket, transferring deck from hand to hand, while looking for a pencil
Original Magic 4
Tommy Tucker Vanishing Pack of Cards handkerchief around deck, vanish with handkerchief, methodically vanish is made in two steps
Expert Manipulative Magic 20
Unknown The "Easy" Card In Wallet card brought to arm pit from behind back
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 22
Tommy Vanderschmidt The Repeat Card in Hat Selection travels to borrowed hat twice, ending with deck travelling to hat
Also published here "Come a little closer..." 9
Edward Marlo Card from Pocket Ideas different subterfuges
Related toVariationsAlso published here Action Palm 52
Cliff Green Behind Back Transfer card transferred to other hand behind back
Professional Card Magic 156
Roy Johnson The Policy method to load card under jacket near inner pocket
The Roy Johnson Experience 15
Edward Marlo Pocket Palm Transfer
Related to The Esoterist 27
Harry Lorayne, Ken Krenzel Tidal Wave impromptu brainwave, one deck used as two decks, four applications, see credit corrections on pages 834, 864, 1092
Inspired byVariations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 5) 769
Tony Miller Yet Another Card To Wallet method to transfer card from deck behind edge of jacket with no palming
Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 3) 748
Edward Marlo Jackett Card Transfer
Fantasia in As-Dur 41
Unknown B. Lapelled Palm removing one of two cards from inner pocket while palming the other
52 Lovers 107
Gary Kurtz The Bold Load signed card or spectator's business card is placed in one pocket, then instantly taken out of wallet in other pocket
Prinzipien in der Praxis 33
Patrick Page Aus dem Stegreif Wegzaubern fan production and vanishes, then entire deck vanishes, dumping cards into jacket pocket
Also published here Lecture Patrick Page 15
John Scarne Card To Wallet bottom placement loading for wallet
Related to Verbatim (Issue 10) 143
Edward Marlo, Ken Krenzel Transfer with Jacket
Related to Ingenuities 164
Unknown Deck Pocket Transfer deck put in breast pocket apparently, same deck removed from trouser pocket
Simon Says! 130
Tommy Vanderschmidt Repeat Card in Hat selection travels to borrowed hat twice, ending with deck traveling to hat
Also published here Come A Little Closer 69
Dan Garrett Pocket Load Transfer
Flexing and Twisting 3
Román García Topit Card Transfer card put in side jacket pocket is placed back on top of deck through topit path
Nanomagias 26
Patrick Page An Impromptu Vanish fan production and vanishes, then entire deck vanishes, dumping cards into jacket pocket
Also published here Magic Page by Page 42
Steve Reynolds Stealing Cards 2 from vest pocket
  • Into Palm Positions
  • First Application
  • Second Application
  • Other Palm Positions
In-Vestment — Chapter One 17
Edo Huang Pitpocket temporarily loading a card unter armpit, card-to-pocket application
Card Coffee Collective 94
Unknown Card from Pocket Pretend to pull card from inside jacket pocket, actually taking from top of the deck as jacket is held open
The Truth 真相 27
Edward Marlo Inside Pocket Load
Related to Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles 51