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Unknown The Changing and Enlarging Card
Related to 1897 New Era Card Tricks 230
Karl Fulves It Stretches card is shown to be extra long, spectator can push it through deck, using wax gimmick
Related toVariations 1971 The Book of Numbers 30
Karl Fulves It Stretches tip
Inspired by 1971 The Book of Numbers — Supplementary Notes 15
Roy Walton Stretching a Point
Inspired by
  • Peter Kane's "Elongated Lady"
1975 Some Late Extra Card Tricks 10
Jon Racherbaumer, Gene Castillon, Marvin Johnson The Lady Stretches including:
  • Handling Notes
  • Alternate Handling to Show the Backs at Step 2
  • The Marvin Johnson Variation
  • The Portable Fake Version (Racherbaumer)
1976 Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 1) 5
Nick Trost Expanding Cards Fan of mini cards grow into large cards
Also published here 1976 Subtle Card Magic: Part Two 29
Bob Farmer, Bill Simon Twisting, Turning, Extending and Otherwise Molesting the Aces card is stretched, then one by one reverses
May 1978 Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 9) 572
Karl Fulves Drink This
Inspired by 1979 Shape Changers 19
Karl Fulves Stretch Ref
1979 Shape Changers 44
Fred Lowe Die Teleskopkarte spectator selects Eight of Hearts, Ace prediction is pulled long until there are eight pips, gag card
Aug. 1980 Intermagic (Vol. 7 No. 2) 58
Paul Harris The Incredible Shrinking Hand hand shrinks when trying to palm card (actually card is stretched), palmed card switched for two previous selections from deck
1981 Close-up Fantasies Finalé 61
Don England Two Impromptu "Stretches"
Variations Dec. 1982 Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 5 No. 12) 713
Ken Krenzel, Richard Kaufman, Derek Dingle Plastic Man gaffed
Variations 1982 The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. Winter Extra) 36
Peter Kane The Elongated Lady
1982 Kane 40
Paul Harris Bizarre Stretch
1983 A Close-Up Kinda Guy 109
Stephen Tucker Card Olympics reverse of cards and card is stretched, packet trick
1983 Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 30) 577
Peter Kane Sally "The Amazing Elasticated Lady" (for long)
stretching Queen to almost five inch long card
  • The Visible Stretch
1984 ca. Sally For Short! 1
Peter Kane Almost Triumphant incomplete face-up/face-down shuffle, halves stripped apart, selection is sticking out and seen to be five inches long when pulled out
Also published here 1984 ca. Sally For Short! 3
Peter Kane Rising Higher selection rises from deck, then is pulled out and seen to be extra-long card
1984 ca. Sally For Short! 5
Jerry K. Hartman Apocalypse Variations or Additions
Inspired by Mar. 1985 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8 No. 3) 1043
Philip T. Goldstein Rackjobber
1985 FISM Madrid 1985 4
Don England Long and Lean Card is streched
1985/93 Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 29
Jon Racherbaumer, Richard Kaufman Plastic Lady I Card is streched sideways
Related to 1985/93 Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 43
Don England Plastic Lady II Card is streched both ways
Variations 1985/93 Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 49
Thomas Hierling Impromptu Rubberman ungaffed
Inspired by 1987 New Wave Close-Up 107
Karl Fulves Jumbo card rises up, when pushed down it turns out that it is longer than the deck, posed as problem
1988 Interlocutor (Issue 50) 230
Karl Fulves Stretch Note card stretches between two halves of the deck
1991 Pull Apart Notes 6
Kuniyasu Fujiwara The Card Machine
1992 Five Times Five — Japan 67
Peter Kane Almost Triumphant incomplete face-up/face-down shuffle, halves stripped apart, selection is sticking out and seen to be five inches long when pulled out
Also published here 1992 One Card Wonders 15
Karl Fulves Packed taking long cards from a normal case, posed as problem
Inspired by 1993 Verbatim (Issue 5) 40
Doug Conn Plastic Surgery monte type routine with Bizarre Twist, stretching and shrinking
Inspired byRelated to 1995 MO — Modus Operandi (Issue 7) 1
Paul Harris The Bizarre Stretch
1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Misc. Pieces of Paul) 285
Karl Fulves Tall Tale chosen card rises out of deck and becomes long card
1996 New Card Rises 34
Wesley James Two-Way Stretch card also stretched sideways
Related to 1997 The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James 49
Doug Conn Quadruple Bypass sandwich effect, center card penetrates à la Close-up Illusion, it stretches and finally shrinks
Related to 1999 Tricks of my Trade 182
Dave Campbell The Grow More, Grow Less Card credit information
Inspired by
  • Peter Kane's "Elongated Lady"
2004 The Dave Campbell Legacy 279
Arthur Trace Relative Transformation Spectator selects a random mini card, it grows into a poker sized card
2006 It's All Relative 19
Kevin Ho Long Division Card is "stretched" into long card, split into two, each being a selection
2008 Smooth Operations 14
Steve Beam Longing for the Selected Card selected card apparently found in deck, it becomes longer as it is pulled out, handling for the long card created by Tom Sellers & Harold Beaumont
Inspired by
  • "Long Card Comedy" (Tom Sellers, The Magic Want Yearbook, 1948-49)
  • "Stretching a Card" (Harold Beaumont, Marketed effect, 1952)
2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 10 48