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Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Dealing Thirds second deal & saliva
Related to 1943 Tricks and Sleights 28
Edward Marlo Easy Unit Control
1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 120
Edward Marlo The Fan Deal to enable one to deal out any card from a fan unit consisting of five or more cards
1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 122
Unknown, Edward Marlo Unorthodox Second Deal top card is buckled, also as third deal by Marlo
Related toVariations 1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 2
Edward Marlo Marlo's Push Off Unit Control
1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 111
Edward Marlo Marlo's Strike Unit Control
Variations 1959 Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 129
Larry Jennings Dealing 3rds, etc. LJ Move variation
1975 Epilogue (Issue Special No 3 (Part 1)) 260
Frederick Braue Count-Down Reverse featuring automatic third deal (saliva), stop trick with face-up card, spectator stops one before
1978 Fred Braue on False Deals 34
Karl Fulves, Dai Vernon Automatic Second & Third Deal top card has hole
Related to 1979 The Topological False Count 2
Larry Jennings, Carmen D'Amico, Edward Marlo Snap Second Deal Applications featuring an alternative to the thumb count method (see page 151) and the following variants:
  • The Snap Second Deal
  • The Snap Stud Second Deal
  • The Snap Second Turnover
  • Seconds, Thirds, Fourths, Etc.
1988 The Cardwright 148
Edward Marlo Unit Control (for Dealing Thirds)
1988 Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 28
Edward Marlo, Juan Tamariz Preparing the Deal a) dealing first, second, third or fourth card on demand
1989/91 Sonata 174
Edward Marlo, Gabriel Moreno Preparing the Deal b) dealing first, second, third or fourth card on demand
1989/91 Sonata 175
Ken Krenzel The Flexi-Deal see also Ed Marlo's Push-Pull Bottom Deal (New Tops)
1990 Close-up Impact! 186
Jack Carpenter Notes on Dealing Thirds
1992 Modus Operandi 137
Steve Draun, Edward Marlo Finessed Unit Control
Also published here 1993 Secrets Draun from Underground 83
Justin Higham, Edward Marlo Strike Unit Control brief
1994 Roger's Thesaurus 160
Justin Higham Block Unit Control
Inspired by 1994 Roger's Thesaurus 151
David Malek The One Handed Fifth Deal
1995 The Lexicon 9
Roger Crosthwaite The Unit Control Deal
Inspired by 1999 Arcardia 116
Guy Hollingworth Paper Clip Strike
1999 Drawing Room Deceptions 94
Chuck Smith Push-Back Deal kind of push-off second deal and x-th deal from top but with pre-established break
2000 Tools Of The Trade 55
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Unit Block Control Second Deal block backjogged
2002 Hofzinser's Card Tricks 113
Wesley James Third, Fourth and Fifth Deal discussion and sources
2004 Enchantments 270
Wesley James Theory Thirds
  • Fourth, Fifth, etc.
Inspired by 2004 Enchantments 271
Edward Marlo, Pit Hartling A Push-Off Third Deal
Related to 2016 In Order to Amaze 175
Unknown Third Deal
Oct. 2018 Elixir (Vol. 2 No. 1 (Summer #2)) 102
Steve Forte Thirds, Greek Bottoms, and Centers comments
2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 1 470
Andi Gladwin Third and Fourth Deals with Master Pushoff
2020 The Boy Who Cried Magic 91
Steve Forte Thirds Deal or fourth, fifth..., starting with break
2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 942
Unknown Third Deal unit control
2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 948