40 entries in Coin / Sleights / Palming / Position Transfers
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T. Nelson Downs I. Wie Downs palmiert classic palm on edge
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 3) 40
Laurie Ireland Backclip Recovery
Ireland Writes a Book 20
Unknown 19 - Back Finger Clip Vanish
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 1 80
Unknown 18 - Front and Back Finger Palming
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 1 78
Unknown The Rear of Thumb Palm with back and front sequence
Related to
  • Vol. 1 No. 1 of Ellis Stanyon's "Magic" (Oct. 1900)
Principles and Deceptions 53
Edward Marlo The Marlo Move bringing coin from finger palm to edgewise position between thumb and base of fingers
Ed Marlo's Lecture Notes 8
Unknown The Back Palm from back to front
Modern Coin Magic 5
Albert Goshman The Goshman Pinch Tenkai not mentioned
The New Modern Coin Magic 359
Patrick Page Pivoting from back to front palm
Tricks with Coins 13
Jerry Andrus A Fan Count Move card is clipped in one hand and transferred to the other hand
Andrus Card Control 44
Ross Bertram Coin Stack Transfer from Oblique Palm to Back Thumb Palm
Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 54
Shigeo Futagawa Change coin from Finger Clip to Finger Palm
Introduction to Coin Magic 40
David Roth Getting Into Edge Grip: Method One
CoinMagic 37
Geoffrey Latta Isolation Placement Coin displacement from a group
CoinMagic 126
Richard Kaufman Getting Into Edge Grip: Method Three
Related to CoinMagic 188
Unknown Palm and Grip Transfers
  • From Classic palm to Fingertip Rest
  • From Fingertip Rest to Thumb Palm
  • From Classic Palm to Thumb Palm
  • From Finger Palm to Thumb Palm
CoinMagic 8
Unknown Curl Palm
CoinMagic 13
David Roth Edge Grip Recovery
CoinMagic 16
Derek Dingle PickUp Move Hand to Hand Transfer
The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 193
David Roth Curl Palm
Expert Coin Magic 88
David Roth Deep BackClip Recovery
Expert Coin Magic 116
David Roth Fingertip Rest to Thumb Palm
Expert Coin Magic 303
Gary Kurtz The Longitudinal Vanish and Transfer retention of vision vanish with a card, transfer from right LTP to left classic palm
Continuations ... Departures 1 & 2 31
Ananth Viswanathan Will 'O' the Wisp Retrieval retrieval after Will 'O' the Wisp vanish (Bobo) from back of hand
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 12) 2000
Geoffrey Latta Isolation Placement brief
Continuations and Departures 10
Dai Vernon Pastiche on Ramsay, with Variations "handwashing" moves
The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 3 139
Unknown Deep Back Clip
Totally Out Of Control 112
Unknown Getting into Edge-Grip
Related to The One Coin Opener 10
Baltazar Fuentes Mime Display coin moves from edge grip to Ramsay Subtlety
I'm Dancing 16
Unknown The Edge Palm with stack
The Book of Secrets 110
Piet Forton 2te Anwendung LTP to classic palm transfer, vanish after Elmsley count, card to wallet
Das 2005 - Close-Up Seminar 23
Kainoa Harbottle Edge Flip Placement
Also published here
  • Coins on Edge, 2003, p . 22
By All Means 6
Kainoa Harbottle Edge Grip to Edge Grip Transfer
Also published here
  • Coins on Edge, 2003, p. 27
By All Means 9
Curtis Kam Plural Pushthrough Variation
Inspired by
  • "Plural Pushthrough" (Kainoa Harbottle, Cointopia, 2003, p. 3)
By All Means 10
Curtis Kam Transfer to Third Finger Curl Palm with handkerchief, nowhere palm
By All Means 12
Curtis Kam Fingerpalm-to-Fingerpalm Change with two stacks
Also published here
  • Palms of Steel 2: Fists of Fury
By All Means 23
Unknown Fingertip Rest to Lower Downs Palm
Vortex 179
Luis Piedrahita Palm Transfer from finger palm to back palm of other hand
Monedas Y Otras Historias 126
Geoffrey Latta Nowhere Palm finger palm to third finger curl palm, multiple coins
Maelstrom 21
Unknown Purse Palm
This is not a Box 23