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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Binary Basics explaining binary numbers
Karl Fulves Age Related four cards chosen, additional card placed in box, medium names hidden card after some of the others are called, inspired by Age Cards trick
Karl Fulves Either-Or how binary principles are used in fishing and coding
Related to 8
Karl Fulves The Link To Playing Cards binary features of playing cards, combo system for colors
Related to 8
Karl Fulves Why Red Is Zero in combo system
Karl Fulves Method Acting "to create false methods or false impressions by acting"
Karl Fulves Simple Memory Tricks chapter intro
Karl Fulves Dunkin' Digits remembering a row of donuts and spoons as memory stung
Karl Fulves The Greek's Game color of twelve cards named by magician, betting presentation, see also p. 99 for further notes
Karl Fulves Sight Deprived distinguishing One and Five dollar bills by touch, memory, presentational idea from Jinx #148, p. 826 (four remaining senses sharpen when one is missing)
Karl Fulves Hoops Knows B-Ball string of 2s and 3s (on cardboard) remembered
Karl Fulves Fractions And Cents heads and tails sequence remembered as memory stunt
Karl Fulves You're A Five spectator choses one of many photos, performer describes it correctly
Karl Fulves Inca Sticks sticks with numbers arranged by spectator, performer predicts total
Karl Fulves Small-Packet Combo chapter intro
Karl Fulves Kinship system for remembering suit order of packet (twelve cards), court cards dealt out in four piles to separate suits
Related to 21
Karl Fulves Switched By Thot court cards separated into suits by performer from back (memory) except two named jacks which are transposed, see also p. 100 for further notes
Karl Fulves Suit Codes another system for memorizing suits
Related to 25
Karl Fulves Trinary Codes remembering e.g. order of different court cards (jack, queen, king)
Karl Fulves A Trick Of Memory red-black even-money swindle
Karl Fulves Secrets Out chapter intro
Karl Fulves Small Minded variation of Combo system in which unwanted cards are removed to keep numbers small, see also p. 100 for further notes
Karl Fulves Counter Intelligence clocking location with partially divided deck
Karl Fulves One-Way Combo memorizing from the back
Karl Fulves Cue Cards openly removed marker cards help with memorizing Combo numbers
Related toVariations 35
Karl Fulves Slick Slate color separation with performer and spectator, lines on slate help remembering Combo numbers, see also p. 102 for further notes
Karl Fulves Noble Cause twelve court cards memorized by performer who then produces jacks, then queens, then kings from packet, see also p. 102 for further notes
Related to 39
Karl Fulves Faced Card Mysteries chapter intro, face-up/face-down mix applied to Combo system
Karl Fulves Made To Order performer sort face-up/face-down mix below table
Karl Fulves Pseudo Hummer fooling magicians who know the Hummer CATO trick
Karl Fulves Meet By Chance twenty cards mixed face-up/face-down, spectator remembers one and turns it over, behind back all are sorted except selections
Karl Fulves Dual Thinking twenty cards mixed face-up/face-down, two spectators remember one each and turn it over, behind back all are sorted except selections, alternatively one card travels to sealed envelope
Variations 50
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Wallet/Envelop Load from behind back, reaching up under jacket
Related to 51
Karl Fulves A Game Of Touch suit removed, spectator deals it from top or bottom into pile and retains last card, performer sort suit below table top and divines selection
Karl Fulves Thought Control chapter intro
Karl Fulves The Russian Test performer guaranteed to get better than average score in color sorting without seeing any faces at all, see also p. 104 for further notes
Karl Fulves K Thru 12 kings and queens removed, challenge location from this packet, see also p. 105 for further notes
Related to 57
Unknown Nail Nicking a Card
Robin Robertson 8 Kings Combo random looking stack making use of Combo system, starting with cyclical stack
Peter Duffie Butt Shuffle Variation
Robin Robertson Using the Stack red-black separation with stack
Karl Fulves Mirasequel performer separates the mixed pile at the end of Miraskill
Karl Fulves Speed Reading memorizing 40 cards with 5 numbers
Related to 69
Karl Fulves The Four-Fold Way variation of previous "Speed Reading"
Related to 73
Karl Fulves Compression Technique Gilbreath & Combo
Related to 74
Karl Fulves Contract Player deck first sorted in colors, then suits, by magician
Karl Fulves Impromptu Compression
Karl Fulves Reflex Action spectator distributes half deck face-up on table, performer deals other half on top and all pairs match color
Karl Fulves Visionary performer sorts half the deck face-down after a riffle shuffle
Karl Fulves Protractors about the length of trick descriptions
Karl Fulves Latent Ability Miraskill prediction correct even though only part of deck sorted by spectator
Moe Seidenstein Moe's Move A Card advertisement reprinted from Linking Ring, July 1937
Karl Fulves After Moe
Karl Fulves Jinx Extra eight spectators receive envelope and hide an object
Karl Fulves Transliterate medium is called and described spectator and names chosen card
Karl Fulves Mixology spectator memorizes card and its position, gives riffle shuffle, performer names new position, shuffle tracking presentation
Karl Fulves Shuffle Tracking Combo memorizing riffle shuffle distribution via Combo system in face-down spread of unsquared shuffle
Karl Fulves Points After chapter intro
Karl Fulves Penny Machines illustration of "Either-Or" article
Related to 99
Karl Fulves Cue Con another cue card idea for Combo system
Inspired by 101
Karl Fulves Dual Thoughts using Brown-McMillen glimpse idea for only reversed card in deck
Inspired by 103
Karl Fulves Gray's Anatomy connection between gray code and binary numbers, application with 24-cards stack, three consecutive cards tell position in stack
Karl Fulves, Robert E. Neale Distant Marker spectator cuts deck, performer names number and a card of that value is at its numerical position from top
Karl Fulves Alpha Numeric further notes on Combo system and number systems
  • The Octal System
  • The Hexadecimal System
  • Binary To Hex
Karl Fulves Gray Reflections about the color distribution in mirror stack after cuts
Karl Fulves Odd Bits self-similar sequence oddity
Karl Fulves Against The Machine longer article on methods, pre-show, multiple outs, magic on television, David Blaine, announcing Combo III on p. 123
John Scarne Self Force performer announces a card that he'll pick from borrowed deck and does so, John Scarne anecdote in restaurant
Karl Fulves On Q&A
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