Written by Eric F. Impey
Work of Eric F. Impey
11 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
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Eric F. Impey Fore-Word
Eric F. Impey Perfectos "A New Principle in Card Magic"
card chosen, wrong card changes into selection, half-waxed pairs, back card is force card
Also published here 1
Eric F. Impey Stabbing Location
Eric F. Impey Card at Number card at small number is forced card, cards dealt face up
Eric F. Impey Mysto - The Masterpiece thought-of card vanishes, thirteen half-waxed pairs in deck, also as named vanish
Also published here 2
Eric F. Impey A New Method of Card Location card chosen and replaced, spectator deals cards face-up, performer stops him at selection, key card from different deck
Eric F. Impey A Latter-Day Card Miracle "dirty" key card is followed during dealing of shuffled card into two piles, card selected and replaced, then found from face-up spread
Eric F. Impey Turn-It card and its position remembered, card vanishes and reappears, sixteen double facers
Eric F. Impey The Construction of Double-Faced Cards splitting
Eric F. Impey The Simplicity X-Ray Trick four chosen cards are found again, simple stack and following it while spreading for selection
Eric F. Impey Another Effect on the Same Principle spectator cuts to same cards as have been selected from different deck, Instanto deck
Related to 6
Eric F. Impey Stop (Simplified Version)
Inspired by 7
Eric F. Impey An Invisible Pass hand turned to show bottom card to cover closing of Herrmann style pass
Inspired by
  • pass by C.D.W. in The Magic Wand, June 1927
Eric F. Impey A New Spelling Bee Effect card chosen with involved procedure, spelled to
Eric F. Impey A Really New Ideas for Use in Any Card Trick Using Double-Faced Cards four cards shown from both sides, two are double facers
Eric F. Impey A Turn Over Move one of three card transforms, featuring the secret turnover of a packet
Eric F. Impey A New Four Ace Effect one back Ace on spectator's hand, the other between the red Aces, the two black Aces transpose
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