1983 edition used
Written by Ken De Courcy
Work of Ken De Courcy
35 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
21 entries
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Ken De Courcy Introduction
Ken De Courcy Part one - Match Puzzles chapter intro
Unknown Tantalising Cocktail layout puzzle
Unknown Upstream - Downstream layout puzzle with fish
Ken De Courcy Part two - Match Magic chapter intro
Unknown The Nothing-to-do Match Trick two matches put in two fists, they (apparently) change orientation
Also published here
  • Magigram
Ken De Courcy The Blowaway Suspension match box is opened upside down, matches stay inside drawer and drop on command
Ken De Courcy The Ringed Match finger ring on match, match locket between first finger and thumb, hand is turned and when match comes back in view the ring vanished
Unknown Back, Back and Restored match broken in three pieces, two in the hand one in the pocket sequence, restoration
Unknown Witchwood match changes orientation in fist, vanish as climax
Werner "Werry" Geissler Werry's Crazy Match Routine match changes orientation in fist several times, second match is shown and matches vanish
Ken De Courcy Part Three - Match Mentalism chapter intro
Unknown The Marked Match one of ten matches marked by spectator, all mixed in hat, performer finds it by touch
Ken De Courcy The Last Match five matches in a row, spectator turns any one end for end, the chosen one is the match left after some instruction game
Inspired by
  • principle in "Hindu Shells" (Eddie Joseph)
Unknown The Three Piles Divination start with three heaps of matches, magician can (without looking) form a single pile of matches equal a number called out by spectator
Also published here 24
Norman Murray "The Escapologist" Walters Two Line Divination two rows of matches, some instructions given by performer, performer know amount of remaining matches
Ken De Courcy Up or Down three matches in a row are turned by spectator, center one covered, performer divines orientation, mathematical monte
Inspired by
  • coin trick by Cliff Lount (Two in One)
Ken De Courcy The Jackpot Matchbox divination of amount of selected matches
Inspired by 30
Ken De Courcy Part Four - Match Gags chapter intro
Unknown Road Hog gag in which spectator is made to hold matches in funny way
Unknown The Three Bears joke with matches
Also published here 33
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