Written by Steve Beam

Work of Steve Beam

344 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam.
Language: English

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Steve Beam Introduction
Steve Beam How to Read this Book?
Steve Beam Eclectic chapter intro
Steve Beam The S-B Whoops Control card control to certain position
Inspired by 17
Steve Beam Questions spelling and forming a question mark, location of selection
  • Pushing the Envelope (spelling spectator's name as well)
Inspired by 19
Dani DaOrtiz Dual Reality two piles, cards are dealt, two cards remembered and lost again, one is turned over and other is found at same position in second pile
Pedro Bryce Ace Embly using seven cards
Inspired by 22
Unknown Slip Cut
Leo Reed The Psychic Prince of Nigeria humorous prediction of a number and a card, using a spam mail which is send to spectator
Howard Hamburg Dry Spell four Aces are placed in the deck and then spelled to, repeated, first with a Faro the with Free-Cut Principle
Variations 29
Steve Beam Spell Checker variation on Dry Spell, with additional phase
Inspired by 30
Steve Beam Shiftless aces apparently lost in the deck end up on top, four piles, way of taking cards together
Also published here 31
Giancarlo Scalia Daley Extra Delight Switch handling
Also published here 33
Michel Gammenthaler Intuition Test black card and red cards are separated and two cards are exchanged, prediction in form of mates
Dexter Cleveland Punchlines cards with jokes matching cards with punchlines, Ramasee Principle, same idea as Becker's Punch Lines
Related to
  • Larry Becker's "Punch Lines" in "Stunners!" 1992. P. 221.
Ricardo Sánchez Triple Do As I Do three cards in different pockets, all match
Pat Hazell, Ricardo Sánchez Down the Falls, Up the Back Variation to secretly add cards to the deck
Camilo Vázquez Don't Do As I Do group of cards is removed and spectator and magician build face up and face down pairs, face up cards of spectator turn out to be odd-backed cards
Fred Kaps, Camilo Vázquez Over the Limit four cards total ten, one after the other is removed but cards still total ten, Visa card appears on back of last card
Inspired by 46
Derek Dingle Strip-Out Addition
Steve Beam Even Steven selection is found by down under dealing a random chosen number of cards
Inspired by 49
Steve Beam All-Acess Pass spectator forms a card by dealing cards from top to bottom, performer is turned away and in the end divines card and removes it from pocket
Inspired by 52
Steve Beam Nine Times One forcing a bunch of cards in a spread, similar to classic force
Steve Beam Progressive Mating Season multiphase routine
Also published here 57