Written by Mark Leveridge
Work of Various
56 pages (Spiralbound), published by A Mark Leveridge Magic Publication
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
13 entries
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Mark Leveridge Introduction
Kevin Reay The Ramsayesque Cigarette Miracle magician accidentally lights filter of cigarette, cigarette is then immediately restored
Bob Ostin My Method for Making Double Faced Cards
Stephen Tucker "A" Is for Apple stalk of an apple is removed, vanishes and appears back attached on the apple
Johnny "J.J." Johnston Softening the Blow "A Discussion on Close-Up Presentation"
John Hotowka TLC MK II ball appears under plant pot after short coin interlude, then pot is full of pennies
Inspired by 21
Chris Payne The "Whizzo" Prediction! odd-colored card with prediction written on the back matches selection
Mark Leveridge The Acrobatic Coin coin vanishes under handkerchief and appears next to selection
Related to
  • Mark Leveridge's "Detective Coin" in "The Low Down on Close Up" 1977
Bob Read One More Trick - Is One Too Many observations on old lithographs and the Cups and Balls
Roger Crosthwaite Plus One, Minus Two two cards are located by cutting, third is found sandwiched between them
Inspired by 45
Chris Power C. P. Coins Across three coins from hand to hand, first one by one then all at once
Chris Power Pivot Production
Richard McDougall It's Not What You Do on performing and strong performers
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