Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
29 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Session - 2 on using confederates
Karl Fulves Point of Conversion Ace of Diamonds put in center, it comes to top with the Two of Diamonds underneath which is tabled, repeated and Ace brings Three to Five to top as well, then Ace of Spades is on top and the tabled Diamonds change to Royal Flush cards
Karl Fulves Center Pull-Out second and third card pulled out and turned over as one, second deal double lift
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Karl Fulves Repeat to Pocket card lost, card taken from pocket, claimed it is wrong and lost, another card taken from pocket without showing, spectator says the first card was his selection, new card is also it
Edward Marlo, Karl Fulves Misdirection Palm Handling uncredited, vague credit to Hugard's Magic Monthly
Unknown Direct Cop card placed directly into cop
Karl Fulves Black on Black two cards peeked at and seen to be clumsily loaded into right pocket, they vanishes yet are now in left pocket, then deck vanishes except two selections
J. W. Sarles Uncut Aces deck cut into four piles, Ace placed on each, deck assembled, Aces shown on top
Variations 42
Karl Fulves Dial A Card four cards, spectator choses one that is turned over, packet placed aside, another four-card packet taken, the very same card is turned over in this one and the reversed card in spectator's packet has changed into another one
Karl Fulves Biddle Switch Method packet with reversed card counted from deck into left hand, one card switched
Karl Fulves Steal from Packet card palmed out of poker hand or small packet into left thumb clip
Karl Fulves Imp Reverse deck covered with handkerchief, any card named is reversed
Eric F. Impey In Reverse center reversal during Charlier Cut
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Karl Fulves Rapid Ink hinge type
Inspired by 49
Karl Fulves Fast Hustle intro to four-part routine
Karl Fulves Within An Ace No. 1, Aces cut to, they show up face up
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Unknown Tabled Slip Cut
Karl Fulves Shifting Center No. 2, card counting presentation
Karl Fulves Flapjack No. 3, blackjack hands produced as follow-up to last trick
Karl Fulves Accelerated Draw No. 4, two Blackjack hands from last trick put on deck, two hands dealt, Full House for spectator and Royal Flush for performer
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