Written by Ron Frost
Work of Ron Frost
144 pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
84 entries
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Ron Frost Acknowledgements
Guy Camirand Publisher's Foreword
Ron Frost Foreword
Ron Frost Warning! Some thoughts on the Classic Force
Ron Frost The Simplified Classic Force Ron's handling for forcing from a bank of six cards
Ron Frost The Classic Force: Bottoms Up! Forcing a specific card
Ron Frost The Classic Force: Off The Top Forcing a card from the top of the deck
Ron Frost The Indicator Card Using force card as key card if Classic Force does not work
Ron Frost The Fan Two See Force Slip card from the top of deck into the spread
Variations 19
Ron Frost The Fan Two See Revelation Using Fan Two See Force to reveal a playing card, spectator stop on selection in spread
Inspired by 20
Ron Frost The Force That Counts Force a card from a packet of six cards, timing based
Variations 20
Ron Frost The Force That Counts: Extended Method Outs if the force does not work
Inspired by 21
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle Force: Bottom Card
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle Force: Top Card
Ron Frost The Rondu Shuffle Force Variation on Hindu Shuffle Force, small packet
Inspired by 24
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Ron Frost The Ron Frost Complete Deck Control Fancy False Cut
Ron Frost One-Hand Double Lift Set-Up: Practice Drill Handling for getting ready for a Double Lift
Ron Frost One-Hand Double Lift: Execution
Ron Frost Fast Food Flip Basically just a Half pass with one card. Even he admits it's just a Half Pass. (Why give it a new name then?)
Ron Frost Fast Food Flip: Complete Meal Make deck magically turn face up with Half Pass
Unknown Over The Top Reversing top card to bottom of deck
Unknown Slip Cut: Top to Bottom Moving top card to bottom secretly, basically a one card pass
Unknown The Double Undercut
Unknown Simple Control Double Undercut Control
Ron Frost Instantly Over Control Something like a bold Turnover Pass
Ron Frost Frosty's Open Cut Control
Unknown Multiple Add-On and Switch
  • Adding a Card
  • Switching a Card
  • Switching Several Cards
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Count
Ron Frost Ready, Set-up and Go
Ron Frost Frost Style Choice Cut Magician cuts to four of a kind
Variations 46
Ron Frost A Cut Above Spectator selects card, magician cuts to four of a kind corresponding to selected card
Inspired byVariations 47
Ron Frost Colorful Cut Magician cuts to four of a kind, then shows that the selected card has an odd back
Inspired by 48
Ron Frost Bunk Beds Two decks, magician cuts to the same five cards in each deck
Inspired by 49
Ron Frost Ultimate Revelation Magician cuts to four Aces, each packet also contains Ace to King of each suit, with the Sevens out of position because audience selected the Sevens
Ron Frost Sequential Evidence Magician cuts deck into three piles, spectator chooses one pile, card is found face up in that pile. Then that pile contains Ace to King of the same suit
Ron Frost Top This Magician cuts deck into four piles, spectator places selection on any pile, magician produces four of a kind on top
Ron Frost Two by Two Four cards selected and lost face up in deck, their mates are found beside them
Ron Frost Table for Four Selected Ace changes places with the selected card
Ron Frost The Switcheroo Stealing card from face up spread onto top of the deck
Ron Frost Switching Turns Biddle Trick, card travels from small packet to middle of deck, facing up
Ron Frost Twin Flips Card selected, turns face up in red and blue deck
Related to 65
Ron Frost Twin Flips Transpo Card selected, turns face up in red and blue deck, but transposed
Related to 66
Ron Frost Fingertip Sensation Magician tries to locate four cards, last card is found in box
Ron Frost Strangers On My Side
Ron Frost Ditch One: Misdirection in a Chairful Way Ditch card into jacket while moving from one side of the chair to the other
Ron Frost Ditch Two: Misdirection of the Body Movers Ditch card into jacket while moving from one side of the spectator to the other
Ron Frost Ditch Three: Lapping Lizards! It Works! Lapping card while cutting
Ron Frost Ditch Four: The Day of the Jacket Drop card in jacket pocket while cutting
Ron Frost Cordially Yours: The Easy Way Produce glass under napkin, glass contains rolled up selection
Variations 73
Ron Frost Cordially Yours: The "Initial" Way Three cards selected. One card is found and signed on back. Another card is found, but signature from previous card has moved onto this card. Last card is found inside a glass that is produced under napkin
Inspired by 74
Ron Frost Finger Printed Find card by fingerprints, fingerprints appear in ink on the face of card
Ron Frost Riveting Aces Selected card found riveted between two previously riveted Aces
Ron Frost Card on a Rope Some random long procedure to try find the card, end up card is on the end of a rope
Ron Frost Entertaining Entities
Ron Frost Getting A Round Tuit Getting around to it - produce a round circle labelled "TUIT"
Ron Frost Jumbo Coin Card Mini card stuck to a jumbo coin changes from first selection to second selection
Ron Frost PAIRanormal Two decks, find selections in each deck with spelling, predicted selection too
Ron Frost Exactly Four on the Mind Four spectator, four decks of cards, they each select the same card
Ron Frost Don't Blink Face up Push In Change, visual change
Inspired byRelated to 89
Ron Frost Don't Blink Applications Two applications
Related to 90
Ron Frost None of the Above Packet of cards taped together does not contain selection, which is predicted as a gag, but then magician predicts the card correctly
Ron Frost Ultimate Ulti-mates Two mini decks, matching routine, reveals poker size selection at the end
Ron Frost Down Under Four of a kind placed on top of deck, selected card penetrates to bottom of the deck
Ron Frost The Pitch: A Change Up Finding a selection with a baseball story
Ron Frost Retention Mini packet triumph with six cards
Ron Frost The Original Royal Finale Five cards shown to all be the spectator's selection, then change into Royal Flush
Edward Marlo Diminishing Lift Sequence
Ron Frost Spellology II Small packet spelling trick, two cards are spelled two amongst five cards, the other three are shown to be blank
Ron Frost Spellology III Small packet spelling trick, two cards are spelled two amongst six cards, the other three are shown to be four Aces
Ron Frost Number Please Card lost in small packet, find it using multiple outs
Ron Frost Twisted Aces, Subway Style Twisting the Aces combined with finding a selection, Ace is inserted into the deck to find selection
Ron Frost Dirty, Down and Double Some weird matching routine with three pairs, back changes color, finds selection
Ron Frost Straight-Faced Coincidence Some convoluted trick involving using a Straight Flush to find a selection
Ron Frost Bar Code Baffler Some weird packet trick involving bar codes on the back of playing cards, change into pictures of drinks, find selection
Ron Frost My Compliments to the Components
Ron Frost Splitting Thoughts Prediction changes to match two selections, final card contains four spades and five hearts
Ron Frost Hindu Folding Papers
Ron Frost The Perfect Match Matchbook used to locate selection, prediction shown inside matchbook
Ron Frost Striking Resemblance Matchbox used to find first selection, second selection found in matchbox
Ron Frost Scrambled Identity Alphabet cards, mixed, end up spelling name of company
Ron Frost Say The Magic Words
Ron Frost Sticky Words Word divination, words on a paddle keeps changing
Ron Frost I'll Be Flipped Predict the word KNOW, but then change into MONK
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