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19 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
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Karl Fulves Notes on the Notes
Karl Fulves Worknotes
Charlie Edwards Impromptu Brainwave stack and reverse, no details
Karl Fulves Reverse/Triumph every other card turned over, discussions of different methods, credit information on Triumph
Karl Fulves Oil And Water credit information on the plot, Hofzinser, excerpt from "Tricks with Prepared Cards" (Donald Holmes, 1913)
Karl Fulves The All Backs credit information
Unknown Fake Turnover reprinted from reference
Related to
  • "The Mystic Star" (Great Magicians Tricks, Goldston, 1931)
Karl Fulves Ah Ha two blank cards under spectator's hand fuse into one with drawing of named card, mirror writing
Karl Fulves Mirror Writing credit information
Karl Fulves Blank Brainwave thirteen double-blank cards shown, Diamond value named, it appears and has back, no method
John Scarne Out Of This World credit information, method by Scarne with part of deck
Related to 109
Karl Fulves Spectator's Named Triumph spectator sorts out face-up/face-down shuffled deck below the table by himself except for named card
Karl Fulves The Multiple Shift credit information and application to four-card brainwave
T. Page Wright Multiple Shift
Also published here 110
Karl Fulves Flickers miniature card stuck to back of card moves when riffle through the deck cartoon like, also stamp
Related to 111
Karl Fulves Yr Card Yr Wallet signed card to spectator's wallet, reverse Svengali deck
Related to 111
Andrew Shivas No-Gaff Svengali showing all red or all black, incomplete faro
Related toAlso published here
  • Tricks of the Masters (Goldston, 1942)
Karl Fulves No-Gaff Brainwave paper clip vanishes and appears around named four-of-a-kind, using comb type gaff which allows to locate any card in the deck open index like
Inspired by
  • "Card Trick" (Clinton Burgess, Magic And Its Professors, Evans, 1902)
Karl Fulves Janewave spectator mixes four-card packet behind back and choses a card, mate is also reversed, "Brainrave"
Unknown Charlier Cut Half Pass
Karl Fulves The Further Adventures card from one half thought-of, shuffled into other half, selection reversed, kind of Brainweave with roughed deck, faro
Karl Fulves Latnem Artlu Notes starting with two separate halves, perhaps one ungaffed, faro
Related to 116
Karl Fulves The Market In Futures four reds and four blacks, spectator thinks a black, it ends up being only black in red backed
Karl Fulves Electronic Brainwave a fingertip clip that monitors the spectator's heart rate is used to find out which Ace he is thinking of, $100 bet to get him going
Karl Fulves On the Potter Index dream of having a cross-referenced electronic version of the Potter Index (good idea!)
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