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19 pages (Stapled), published by Edward Bagshawe & Co.
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Victor Farelli Introduction
Victor Farelli Arrangement of the Cards stack in which the cards above and below any card indicate the selection by value and suit, for forty-eight cards
Inspired by
  • "Card Control" (Bagshawe, marketed 1928)
Victor Farelli A Strange Coincidence card freely chosen with knife stab, then position chosen and card above and below knife denote earlier selection with suit and value
Variations 5
Unknown Cross-Cut Force after knife-stab, see also "A Final 'Tip'" on page 16 for mention of time misdirection
Related to
  • Max Holden description in Bagshawe's "The Magical Monthly" (Vol. 2 No. 18, July 1925)
Victor Farelli The Reversal card chosen with knife stab, another card pocketed, for both cards, two cards are found that denote value and suit, one of the pairs reversed
Unknown Top-to-Bottom Reversal Slip
Unknown Top-to-Bottom Half Pass
Victor Farelli Choice Foretold two cards chosen, both cards predicted by two cards each via value and suit in two envelopes
Victor Farelli The Marvellous Discovery card removed from pack while performer is not looking, yet he quickly finds two cards that denote the selection by value and suit without looking at the faces
  • First Method
  • Second Method ("Shades")
  • Third Method (Difference in Design)
Related to 12
Victor Farelli Suggestions and "Tips" variations from where to produce the pair that denotes the card
  • Rising Cards
  • Cards in Pocket
  • The Blindfold and Knife
  • Caught in the Air
  • Cards through Handkerchief
Victor Farelli Using the Joker instead of a Knife for stabbing selection or force
Victor Farelli How to "Fan" the Pack reverse fan or spreading action to hide arrangement
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