Written by Al Mann

Work of Al Mann

28 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with drawings by Al Mann.
Language: English

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Al Mann Mind Your Poker thoughts on gambling and stories
  • Four-of-a-Kind by Design
  • House Rules
  • Getting back to our beloved Aces
  • Controlling the Aces
  • Cutting the Aces
  • The one Arm Tijuana Gambler
Howard de Courcy The One-Hand Shuffle (uncredited)
Unknown One-Hand Cuts
  • Charlier Cut
  • Two cuts from Hoffmanns' "Tricks with Cards"
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Neal Elias The One Hand Center Cut
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Al Mann One-Hand False Cuts
Al Mann Al Mann's One Hand False Tee Cut
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  • "Snap -Out False Cut" in "Kaps on Kards"
Al Mann Show Time
Dai Vernon, Al Mann Cutting the Aces story, with knife
Inspired by 12
Dai Vernon Double Undercut
Dai Vernon Throw Cut One Handed Slip Cut
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Karl Fulves The Fulves Aces deck riffle shuffled, not squared, halves separated again and one selection is protruding from both halves, see also Freeman Display versions
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Al Mann Five Aces hand gets four aces and joker
Unknown The Stock Shuffling
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Al Mann The Cut spectator cuts to bridge
Al Mann Dead Man's Hand story and John Scarne on chances of improving the hand