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Title Subtitle Year
OCMC Notes 2000
Octet Gambling Tricks 1981
Odd Lifts Special Purpose Multiple Lifts and Applications 1971
Of Gifts and Talents 1982
Of Words and Wizards The Secrets in Books 1977
OFF 1974
Off The Books Issues 1 to 10 2000-2003
Off the Top 1945
Off the Wall Lecture Notes 1983
Off the Wall 1988
OICUFESP 1979-1982
Okay, Let's Shoot The Magician! 2001
Okito Coin Box Routines 1963
An Old Black Ram<sup>2</sup> 2010
Old Dog Weber Magic Con 2014 2014
The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 1992
The Olram File Issues 1-16 1990-1993
Omar's Prophecies 1960
Omerta 17 baffling effects that break the code of silence 2001
On Parlour Magic 2019
On the Acrobatic Cards 1968
On the Clock Effect 1971
On the Other Side of the Mirror Prearrangement and Plot in Close-Up Card Magic 2005
On the Up and Up 1978
On Writing Magic The Hermetic Press "Stylebook" 2007
On Your Feet A Book of Magic 1978
One Card Wonders Plus One or Two More 1992
The One Coin Opener Thoughts about table magic 1997
One Degree 2010
One Man Mental Magic 1952
One More Thought on Cards 1955
One True Ring 2000 ca.
Ontology Project 2011
Open Secrets 1996
Opening Night Magic 1995
Operandi Issues One — Four 2016-2018
The Opposite of People 2010
Optical Plastic 1982 ca.
Opus 1987-2005
Organic A study on engineering miracles 2008
The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs Nr. 1 of the Albo Book Series 1973
Original Al Bertini Internationaler Zauberkongress MRS Winterthur 2004 2004
The Original Dollar Punch And Routines 1993 ca.
Original Magic 1930
Original Magical Creations 1915
Original Tricks Supplement to No. 13 Catalogue 1940 ca.
Origins 1981
Our Mysteries 1941
Out Of His Mind! 1985
Out of Order Now with Expanded Instructions 1995
Out of this Hemisphere A Small packet version of Paul Curry's "Out of this World" 1989
Out Of Your Mind 2000 ca.
Output Issues 1-14 2019-2021
"Outs" Precautions and Challenges For Ambitious Card Workers 1940
Ovation A Professional Act in Lecture-Form 1980
Over the Coffee Cups 1949
"The Overhand Shuffle" Action Palm 1982
Owed to Poker Dan Private Studies Series No. 6 1998, 2001