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Original Tricks
Supplement to No. 13 Catalogue
1940 ca.

Title Subtitle Year
Natural Selections 1995
Natural Selections — Volume II 1999
Random Acts of Magic 2004
More Power to You The Very Best of David Acer 2011

Title Subtitle Year
Magic Mafia Effects 1970
The Esoterist Gems of Magic Book No. 2 1971
Here's My Card 1978
Magic Castle Lecture Notes December 8, 1991 1991
Las Vegas Kardma 1994
Wednesday Nights 1994/1999
How to Tame a Moose Canadian Lecture Tour 1995/2005
Al Cardpone The Las Vegas Blues Lecture 1996
I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 1997
Classic Handlings 1999/2002
Ackerman 2004 2005
The Cardjurer 2012 Lecture Notes 2012
Card Theater 2019 Lecture Notes 2019

Mr. S. W. Erdnase — "His Book"
A Lecture to the "Magic Circle"


Title Subtitle Year
The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs Nr. 1 of the Albo Book Series 1973
Classic Magic with Apparatus Nr. 2 of the Albo Book Series 1976
More Classic Magic with Apparatus Nr. 3 of the Albo Book Series 1978/76
Further Classic Magic With Apparatus Nr. 4 of the Albo Book Series 1982

A Collection of Magical Presentations

Title Subtitle Year
Special Magic Lecture Notes for 1974 Japan Tour 1974
Andrus Card Control Vol. 1 (Text) and Vol. 2 (Illustrations) 1976

The Jerx
Volume One

A Book in English
The Spanish Card Magic of Woody Aragon

The Magical Adventures of Jon Armstrong
Excerpts from: "You Don't Know Union Jack" and "Thoughts ...

Title Subtitle Year
A Stack To Remember 1979
Sessions 1982
The Aronson Approach 1990
Simply Simon The Magic of Simon Aronson 1995
Try the Impossible 2001
Art Decko Compositions with Cards 2014

Title Subtitle Year
Sex Sells 1998
Thinking Out Loud Mental Noise From Lee Asher 1998
Lé Asher Lecture notes — '99 — French Tour 1999
Pulp Friction 2000
Close Cover Before Striking 2001
Hand Jobs 2001

The Magic Kettle
Any Drink Called For!

(Island of Cards)

Title Subtitle Year
Roger's Thesaurus A Modern Treatise on the Art of Card Magic 1994
Vis à Vis A Jack Avis Book 1998
Ahead of the Pack A Summit Meeting in the Rarefied Atmosphere 2002
Rara Avis Sixty Years of Magic from the Private Notebooks of Jack Avis 2006